Tuesday, 24 June 2014

New Zealand Express - Revenue Stamps.

      New Zealand Express was a company created to be an express forwarder of parcels, both throughout New Zealand and overseas. Set up in 1877 under the name Campbell and Crust, in 1895 it changed its name to New Zealand Express. The company seems to have had a good working relationship with New Zealand Railways which apparently included special drop boxes on certain trains, and parcel transfer arrangements.

        This set of five value stamps appeared sometime in the last few years before the turn of the century. They were used in much the same way as similar NZ Railways revenue stamps, to show payment had been made on items being transported. The stamps ranged in value from ½d to 6d. Later another 1/- appeared in a different design and larger format.

Monday, 9 June 2014

2014 Personalised Stamps.

        This one of a series issues that began in 2001 with new issues, new values, appearing regularly. For an over view of all of these issued see our thematic collection Personalised Stamps.

        In May 2014 New Zealand Post issued a new range of Personalised Stamps to meet changes in postal rates. The stamps feature a picture provided by the purchaser combined with a design from NZ Post to create a Personalised Stamp. Using a simple three step process, they can be ordered to your requirements and delivered quickly. A sheet of 20 stamps will cost you $23.90. They can be ordered via the NZ Post Web Site http://stamps.nzpost.co.nz/

          NZ Post describes these:-
          This vibrant range of Personalised Stamps has been issued to reflect the upcoming changes to postage rates. It allows you to give your mail that special touch by featuring your favourite photo or image alongside one of the gorgeous stamp designs.
          These Personalised Stamps are the perfect way to spread the good news about a wedding, an engagement, a new baby or a new pet. Use them on your Christmas cards, invitations or anything else you like! Alternatively, a sheet of 20 Personalised Stamps makes a great gift or a keepsake for yourself to remember a special event or occasion.

        These stamps are also offered in two sheets for collectors, one of eight stamps and one of four. The eight stamps all have a value of 80c while the four stamp sheet had two $2.00 stamps and two $2.50 stamps. Each sheet came with its own First Day Cover.
2014 All Blacks Rugby.
       I have also included the 2014 All Blacks Miniature Sheet as these stamps can be used as part of the 2014 Personalised Stamps issue.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Wildlife - Game Bird Habitat.

         The New Zealand Game Bird Habitat Trust, established under the 1953 Wildlife Act, exists primarily to improve New Zealand game bird habitat, and secondarily to improve the habitat for other wildlife. The key purpose of the Game Bird Habitat Trust Board is to distribute funding for the development and enhancement of wetland habitat for the benefit of game birds and other wetland inhabitants.

         The New Zealand Fish and Game Council commenced issuing $10 license stamps in 1994.  The stamp is affixed to the game bird hunter's license thus validating the license for the current year. $2 of the license fee goes towards establishment and protection of Game Bird Habitats. The stamps and related products such as miniature sheets and First Day Covers are also marketed by NZ Post with funding received going back to the Habitat Trust.

          I first saw these stamps on the NZ Post website a few months ago. A web search revealed a few extra years to the ones offered by NZ Post. Since it seemed an impossible exercise to find all of these stamps, or for that matter even establish how many years they had been issued, I dropped the project in favour of many others I could complete. Yesterday I found them all except the year 2011 which I just happened to have already so now I am able to feature them in a post on this blog. 

          The date shown under each stamp relates to the year of issue of the stamp, not the year the license expires as shown on the stamp itself.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Railway Charge Stamps.

          Although not technically revenue stamps, the Railways Charges stamps were introduced in 1890 to facilitate prepaying of charges for the carrying of newspapers, parcels and freight by train. The stamps were issued as proof payment had been made.

          I first included these on my Trains of New Zealand page and at that time I thought I had found the entire sets but recently, I discovered there were actually a lot more. This separate post was created to tell the story behind these issues and display them to their best advantage. I have left some charge stamps on my trains page as examples but they are not full sets.

         Railway Charge Stamps can be classified into two time periods. From 1890 - 1921 then from until they were discontinued. After 1925 the second series was usually overprinted with the station name in an attempt to prevent forgery. A third series was designed in 1904 but never issued.

         The 1890 stamps were issued for three separate purposes although they were commonly interchanged as required. The later 1921 series was a general "all purpose" series used for smaller railways charges.