Saturday, 26 July 2014

1995 New Zealand Cities at Night.

        This post has recently had a major rework taking out many of the original stamps to focus on the six stamps of the 1995 Scenic Issue.    (Kim)

       For such a small country, it often surprises visitors that New Zealand offers such a wide range of scenic attractions. Each year, New Zealand Post produces Scenic stamps which are popular both locally and internationally for their charm, beauty and variety.

      The 1995 Scenic Issue features something a bit different to the usual scenic views because this time the scenes were captured at night to bring out the night beauty rather than the day time scene. Six cities were chosen, 4 major cities and 2 tourist cities.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Armed Services 1968 - 1987

           For this post, we will feature four stamp issues with military themes. The first of these is a three value set, issued in 1968, 25 years after World War II. It featured three values, one for each of the three New Zealand Armed Forces. Then we have three sets issued during the 1980s, each with four values, each depicting one of the three armed forces.
           All of these sets are shown in my Military ANZAC collection (See the bar above) but on this post, I want to look at them in more detail along with adding a few other items of interest too.

          I personally think all the stamps shown on this page have interesting and well laid out designs. The theme is a popular one and so these sets would look good in a collection of New Zealand stamps.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

1963 Crash Cover.

        Here is something a bit different.

        On 3 July 1963, a NAC Douglas DC-3 crashed into the Kaimai Ranges in New Zealand's North Island while flying in clouds and turbulence. The aircraft was flying from Whenuapai Airport, in Auckland, to Tauranga.

       The crash happened when the aircraft struck a vertical rock face after encountering a strong downdraft. The aircraft may also have commenced an early descent with the pilots unaware of the true position of the aircraft, on the wrong side of the ranges. All 23 people on board were killed. The wreckage remains on the hillside to this day, with a small memorial cairn beside it.