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2015 ANZAC Joint Issue.

         New Zealand Post partnered with Australia Post to mark 100 years since the Gallipoli campaign with a joint stamp and coin issue commemorates the relationship New Zealand and Australia share under the banner of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC).  100 hundred years later the two countries join together to remember the New Zealand and Australian men who fought together on the beach and on the hills at Gallipoli.

80c - ANZAC Joint Issue.                            $2 - ANZAC Joint Issue. 
(New Zealand)                                               (New Zealand)

Since I've been writing for this blog I realise I have my own particular tastes in stamp design. I like a stamp like the two above. First impression you think, 'Hey, that's a nice stamp,' then move on. Later when you explore it further, read background information on the design you suddenly discover its a lot deep than first appearances. Since they explain it, I would like to quote from the NZ Post Web site:-
This special connection between New Zealand and Australia is reflected in the design of the stamps and coins of this commemorative issue. The 80c stamp features the iconic Australian golden wattle and incorporates hues that represent Australia’s sunburnt earth and blue skies, while the $2.00 stamp features New Zealand’s silver fern and integrates the lush greens and blues of New Zealand’s fertile landscape. Across both stamps and coins stand two soldier silhouettes from an Anzac memorial service - a catafalque sentry and a bugler sounding the Last Post. A background image of Anzac Cove, Gallipoli extends over both stamps and coins, creating a design reflecting the unity of our Anzac alliance.

A$ 70c - ANZAC Joint Issue.                            A$1.85 - ANZAC Joint Issue. 
(Australia)                                               (Australia)

First Day Covers.
Three First Day Covers were issued, a New Zealand one, an Australian one and a joint one with the stamps from both countries. At present I have two of them and I hope to get the Australian one when it is issued on the 7th April.

The New Zealand First Day Cover.

The Joint First Day Cover with stamps from both countries.
The Miniature Sheet.
Below is the New Zealand version of the miniature sheet with the Australian golden wattle on the left and the New Zealand silver fern on the right.
The First Day Cover of the miniature sheet.

The Sydney Stamp Expo 2015.
The Sydney Stamp Expo 2015 (SSE 15) was held from Thursday 16th April until Sunday 19th April 2015. There were a number of souvenirs on sale including the Australian version of the Joint ANZAC Issue number and overprinted with the SSE15 logo in gold or silver.
250 of the miniature sheets will be overprinted with the SSE15 logo in gold, and the sheet numbers available are 2 - 99, and 101 – 250. These sheets are $15.00 each.

350 of the miniature sheets will be overprinted with the SSE15 logo in silver, and the sheet numbers available are 2 - 99, and 101 – 350. These sheets are $10.00 each.

Technical information:-
Date of issue:
7 April 2015
Number of stamps:
Two gummed stamps
Designed by:
Australia Post Design Studio, Melbourne, Australia
80c, $2.00
Printer and process:
McKellar Renown by offset lithography
Number of colours:
Four process colours
Stamp size and format:
26mm x 37.5mm (vertical)
Paper type:
Tullis Russell 104gsm red phosphor gummed stamp paper
Number of stamps per sheet:                                                                
Perforation gauge:
14.6 x 13.86
Period of sale:
Unless stocks are exhausted earlier, these stamps will remain on sale until 6 April 2016, First day covers will remain on sale until 7 June 2015.

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