Sunday, 18 December 2016

1982 Architecture

The next issue of New Zealand Architecture appeared in 1982
with a four stamp issue featuring two houses and two public buildings.

20c - Alberton, Auckland.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

1997 Ross Dependency Antarctic Birds

Six Antarctic sea birds are depicted on the 1997 Ross Dependency stamp issue. While the stamps were issued in sheets with the World Wildlife Fund logo printed on four of the six values, however all six stamps are available without the logo from the se-tenant block as can be seen above and on the First Day Cover below.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

1996 Ross Dependency Antarctic Landscapes.

          The Ross Dependency issued it second annual stamp issue on the 13th November 1996. In this case, the theme was Antarctic Landscapes, a popular theme that has appeared often in the Ross Dependency stamp issue series.

          New Zealand's claimed territory in the Antarctic, the Ross Dependency, is justly famous for the variety and beauty of its wilderness landscape. From the ice-choked shores of the Ross Sea to the buckled pressure ridges on the fringe of the massive Ross Ice Shelf the Ross Dependency's landscape changes dramatically towards the interior of the 'seventh continent'. The Transantarctic Mountains, with peaks rising to over 4000 metres and all extensively glaciated, dissect Ross Dependency separating the coastal region from the high ice plateau of the East Antarctic Ice Shelf. Active volcanoes, like Mount Erebus, are also important features of the Ross Dependency.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

1995 Ross Dependency Antarctic Explorers

         After the 1994 Ross Dependency Definitives it was decided the demand for Ross Dependency stamps justified an annual issue. The first of these appeared on the 9th November 1995 and has continued until at least 2016.

        This first issue featured six famous explorers with their ships/aircraft in the background. These were interesting stamps, each with an exciting story of adventure to be told. Each explorer was selected because they had left their mark on the section of Antarctica we now know as the Ross Dependency.

        These stamps were not available for use on postage in New Zealand but the stamps and First Day Covers could be purchased from New Zealand Post via their Christchurch Branch where Ross Dependency postage was handled for dispatching to and from Scott Base in the Dependency.

        At the time of writing, I have been unable to find a good example of the First Day Cover for this issue. One will be added later if a suitable image comes available. Meantime I have included three images of the presentation pack issued for this set.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Late 80s Stamp Exhibitions.

        During the 1980s NZ Post was getting involved in a lot of international stamp exhibitions. The main driving force behind this was marketing and sales to the collector market so by promoting New Zealand stamps overseas, a greater demand was created for our stamps. There was an NZ Post stand at each exhibition and in many cases, a special miniature sheet was sold too. Usually, this sheet was just a current issue sheet overprinted with the exhibition's name, logo and details but in a few cases, a special miniature sheet was created. 
        This page has collected all of these special issues together so they can be compared and reviewed. Where possible, links will be provided back to the original issues appearing on these sheets. In some cases, you will find these special sheets are included with the original issues as well. We make no apology for this as it adds extra interest and greater depth to this blog.

1986 Stockholmia Exhibition.
The 1986 Scenic Bays and 1986 Health miniature sheets were also issued with the Stockholmia '86 overprint to celebrate New Zealand Post's attendance at the Stockholmia '86 World Philatelic Exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden.

 Exhibition Miniature Sheet with one 80 cent stamp (Surcharged to support exhibition) 1990 World Philatelic Exhibition Auckland - Stockholmia '86 Overprint.
See our post 1985 - 1986 Scenic Stamps.