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1994 Beach Cricket Booklet

Beach Cricket Booklet.
One of the most popular summer pastimes in New Zealand is to go down to the beach - swim, sunbathe, picnic and have a game of beach cricket. It only needs a softball and a piece of wood for a bat, a few sticks for the wickets and the fun begins. This game bears little resemblance to the cricket of the stadium or even the village green - there are few rules, no age limits and as many people as care to can play at once.

NZ Post issued this booklet as part of marking this important milestone in the history of cricket in New Zealand. 

The Stamps.
Caught Out by Swimmer.
The ball goes flying over the heads of the fielders and is caught by the guy in the surf. 
"He's out!" everyone calls. Doesn't matter that the swimmer wasn't playing.

Body Surfing.
Not all on the beach are playing cricket. There is swimming, body surfing
and other activities usual for a beach.

Catching Frizbee.
If you don't want to catch a cricket ball, try catching a frizbee.

Beach Ball Cricket.
Haven't got a cricket ball. No problems - try a beach ball. 
That should be a lot of fun.

Mum Batting.
"Hey! Mums got hold of the bat now. Watch out guys,
she really knows how to wack it."

Boy Batsman.
Now junior has the bat. He's good. Look at that fancy footwork.

Batsman Run.
Now, Dad is batting. "Wow! Look at him go."

Girl Batting.
"Oh dear! Now it is my sister's turn. Let's not say anything more about her."

Woman Batsman Running.
There goes auntie now. Making a run to the other wicket.

Young Girl with Wickets.
Even little sister has a go too.
It's beach cricket. Everyone plays, everyone has fun.
Half the time we have no idea which side won.

First Day Cover - 2 November 1994.

Some of the images in this post were used with permission from the illustrated catalogue of StampsNZ
You can visit their website and Online Catalogue at,

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