Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Suffrage - A Thematic Collection.

Feedback from the other writers is that this should be on its own page with links to all the other Suffrage issues and stamps. I have decided to quickly do this before everyone gets used to it being with the 2018 Suffrage issue.

Woman's Suffrage in Stamps.
(A small thematic collection.)

Katherine Sheppard / First Country with Women's Suffrage.
1990 Heritage Set 5 - The Achievers.

Monday, 20 August 2018

2018 Suffrage 125 Years Whakatu Wahine.

          When I was given this post I was a bit confused with the title. I knew "Suffrage 125 Years" is the celebration of an important social development in New Zealand. But then the second part "Whakatu Wahine." Was this a Maori themed issue? In that case, why wasn't Allan doing it? I was given some links to other pages in this blog, some images that had been uploaded to our image library and the information from the NZ Post website. Finally, he said, "Go for it Asami - show me what you can do." 

NZ Suffrage on Stamps - A Thematic Collection. 

First, let's have a look at that title.
The title: - English "Suffrage" - To petition or strive for - eg the right for women to vote in New Zealand's general elections.
"125 Years" - 1898 when women were given the right to vote.
Maori "Whakatu" - To stand erect, to establish, election or establishment.
"Wahine" - Woman or women.

These stamps were issued in Se-tenant Sets where the two stamps join together to show the full bloom of the white camellia, a symbol of the women's suffrage movement.

Monday, 13 August 2018

2018 Thinking Outside the Square.

         When it comes to ingenuity and thinking outside the square, Kiwis win hands down. In fact, we’re world-famous for it! Backyard inventors, dreaming up widgets and gadgets, and all manner of things made from ‘number 8 wire’. Stuff that people didn’t know they needed until they saw or used it. That’s what sets us apart from the rest of the world. Here are just a few of the cool creations New Zealanders have come up with.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

1996 Seashore Rock Pool Booklet

Rockpools are an integral part of the New Zealand Seashore, this stamp booklet issue depicts this unique environment. When joined together, the stamps formed a continuous picture across all ten stamps of the booklet.

The seashore rock pool is a unique environment in which not all sea creatures can survive. At high tide, it is completely submerged under water, sometimes covered by up to a meter. As the tide goes out, the rock pool is swept with the waves of the falling tide before becoming completely isolated from the ocean. It is at this point that the water left in the pool can get heated by the hot summer sun, sometimes almost drying up the pool. Then in comes the ocean again, a period being swept by the waves before the rock pool is completely submerged again. A tough environment, while many can't survive, many others, as featured in this issue, can survive and thrive. 

View of a seashore rock pool with some marine creatures found in such pools.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

1996 Atlanta Olympic Games

Five stamps and the miniature sheet.

1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.
In July 1996, the Centennial Olympic games were held in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. Five sports in which New Zealand was represented were featured on the stamp issue. Each of the five stamps, designed by Stephen Fuller, has a border in the colour of one of the five rings which make up the universally known Olympic logo. Blue, black and red in the top row with yellow and green on the row below.
New Zealand was ranked 26th at these Games with 3 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze, making a total of 6 medals.
Our Olympic & Commonwealth Games Stamp Collection.