Military ANZAC - Part Two.

        These pages have been created to collect New Zealand's military themed postage stamps. We do not intend to go into great detail concerning each issue since we have already created posts for all of them. There are of course links on this page to our various more detailed posts.

2011  -  Victoria Cross  -  The New Zealand Story.
View my post on this issue:- 2011 - The Victoria Cross.

         This issue broke from the pattern of a set consisting of six values, instead, a sheet of 22 stamps was produced. These 22 stamps all carried the same value of 60c and each stamp featured a portrait of one of the 22 New Zealanders who has received the Victoria Cross. The final stamp shows the cross itself because it was considered better not to show Bill Apiata, who in 2010, was still serving in the NZ Army and could be singled out as a target in places like Afghanistan.

The people depicted in this issue are:-
Top Row:- Charles Heaphy - 11 February 1864, Waikato, New Zealand;  William James Hardham - 28 January 1901, South Africa;  Cyril Royston Guyton Bassett - 7 August 1915, Gallipoli;  Donald Forrester Brown - 15 September 1916, High Wood, France;  Samuel Frickleton - 7 June 1917, Messines, Belgium.
Second Row:- Leslie Wilton Andrew - 31 July 1917, La Basse Ville, France; Henry James Nicholas - 3 December 1917, Polderhoek, Belgium;  Richard Charles Travis - 24 July 1918, Hébuterne, France; Samuel Forsyth - 24 August 1918, Grévillers, France;  Reginald Stanley Judson - 26 August 1918, Bapaume, France.
Third Row:- Harry John Laurent - 12 September 1918, Gouzeaucourt Wood, France; James Crichton - 30 September 1918, Crevecoeur, France; John Gildroy Grant - 1 September 1918, Bancourt, France; James Edward Allen Ward - 7 July 1941, On operations over Holland;  Charles Hazlitt Upham - 22-30 May 1941, Crete and 14-15 July 1942, Western Desert.
Fourth Row: - Alfred Clive Hulme - 20-28 May 1941, Crete; John Daniel Hinton - 28-29 April 1941, Greece; Keith Elliot - 15 July 1942, Western Desert;  Moana-nui-a-Kiwa Ngarimu - 26-27 March 1943, Tunisia;  Lloyd Allen Trigg - 11 August 1943, Sea Patrol, Atlantic Ocean.
Bottom Row: - Leonard Henry Trent - 3 May 1943, On operations over Holland;  Bill Henry Apiata - 2004, Afghanistan.

2012  -  75 Years Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF).
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In 2012 another stamp sheet was issued for ANZAC, this time featuring 15 scenes from Royal New Zealand Air Force activities over the past 75 years. In 1935 it became clear that New Zealand needed its own air force, then two years later in 1937, the first air force units were formed under the RNZAF. Since then the air force has been involved in fighting in a number of countries and a number of wars. It has also provided support for peacekeeping, Scott base in Antarctica, and search and rescue operations.

The scenes depicted in this issue are:-
Top Row- The Beginning;  Air Training Corps;  World War II - Europe.
Second Row: - Women's Auxiliary Air Force;  World War II - Pacific;  Aerial Topdressing.
Third Row: - Territorial Air Force;  South East Asia;  ANZAC.
Fourth Row: - Naval Support;  Transport;  Peacekeeping.
Fifth Row: - Search and Rescue;  Remembrance;  The Future.

2013  -  ANZAC  -  New Zealanders Serving Abroad.
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In 2013 we returned to the regular 6 stamp ANZAC Issue. With a theme of New Zealanders serving abroad, this set of six stamps shows six different countries where New Zealanders have or are still serving. I rather like this set, compared to the earlier ANZAC issues in that it shows clear coloured pictures of New Zealanders in action, rather than the grey or sepia ones shown before.
 The scenes depicted in this issue are:-
Top Row:- 70c - Afghanistan;  70c - Timor-Leste;  $1.40 - Solomon Islands.
Bottom Row:- $1.90 - Bosnia-Herzegovina;  $2.40 - Antarctica; $2.90 - Korea.

2014  -  ANZAC  -  World War II Poster Art.
 View my post on this issue:- 2014 - ANZAC. WWII Poster Art.

Although the 2014 ANZAC issue still included 6 stamps, its theme took us in a new direction to previous ANZAC issues. The purpose of these posters was to raise funds, recruit New Zealanders and give advice and information about the war. They helped to create a war-like atmosphere at home and keep people focused on the war effort.
The scenes depicted in this issue are:-
Top Row: - 70c - Duty Calls the Youth of New Zealand / Air Training Corps;  70c - Help Farm for Victory / Women's Land Service;  $1.40 - The Air Force Needs Men.
Bottom Row: - $1.90 - Navy Week;  $2.40 - Army Week;  $2.90 - Taringa Whakarongo.

2014 - For King & Empire 1914.
See our post: - 2014 - For King & Empire - 1914.
2014 marks 100 years since the beginning of World War I. NZ Post issued a special set to remember this event. It is believed to be the first part of a five-part series. The issue comprised 10 different stamps found on a variety of miniature sheets. The sheet below shows all 10 stamps.

Six 80c Stamps.
(Top) Lord Kitchener; New Zealand Called to Prepare; War Announced.
(Bottom) Serving his country / Melville Mirfin; Mirfin Family Portrait; Troopships Depart.

Two $2.00 Stamps.
(Top) Training Camp; (Bottom) The Home Front.

Two $2.50 Stamps.
(Top) Letters and Stories from Samoa; (Bottom) Serving Abroad / Egypt.

2015 - The Spirit of ANZAC 1915.
See our post: - 2015 - Spirit of ANZAC - 1915.
This is the second issue of five issues commemorating the centenary of World War I. Again a range of coin and postal items were issued including a book, miniature sheets and a First Day Cover.
Six 80c Stamps.
Evelyn Brooke / Serving her Country; Chunuk Bair / Painting by Ion Brown; Postcard from Egypt; Casualties Return / Fundraising; Landing at Anzac Cove; Marquette Memorial.

Two $2.00 Stamps.
The Sapper and his Donkey; War Census Poster.
See our post on Simpson and his Donkey.

Two $2.50 Stamps.
The Maheno / Hospital Ship; An Enduring Bond.

2015  ANZAC Joint Issue.
See our post: -  2015 ANZAC Joint Issue.
New Zealand Post, partnered with Australia Post to mark 100 years since the Gallipoli campaign with a joint stamp and coin issue which commemorates the relationship New Zealand and Australia share under the banner of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC). 100 hundred years later the two countries join together to remember the New Zealand and Australian men who fought together on the beach and on the hills at Gallipoli.

80c - ANZAC Joint Issue.                            $2 - ANZAC Joint Issue.

Joint First Day Cover featuring both the
New Zealand and Australian stamps plus cancels.

2016 RSA 100 Years of Service.
2016-RSA: 100 Years of Service.

2016 marks 100 years since the formation of the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services' Association (RSA). Since it was founded, the RSA has been an integral part of New Zealand communities and NZ Post paid tribute to the important role it plays with this special stamp issue.
This commemorative issue consists of six gummed stamps that portray the RSA’s identity and history. The designs incorporate the new RSA ‘heart’ logo, which reflects the RSA’s ambition to be at the heart of New Zealand’s communities.

            80c - The Returned.                                    $1.40 - The Poppy.                           $2.00 - Supporting those who served.

            $2.20 - At the RSA.                                    $2.50 - The Badge.                           $3.00 - We will remember them.

2016 - Courage & Commitment -1916.
For our post on this issue 2016 - Courage & Commitment - 1916.

The full miniature sheet of all 10 stamps.
Top Row:- 80c - Solomon Isaacs; 80c - The Pioneer Battalion; 80c - The Arras tunnels; $2.00 - The first Anzac Day; $2.50 - The Battle of Jutland.
Bottom Row:- 80c - Conscription; 80c - The Middle East; 80c - The Somme; $2.00 - Away from the front; $2.50 - The home front.

2016 75th Anniversary of the Royal New Zealand Navy.
2016  75th Anniversary of the Navy.
In October 2016 the Royal New Zealand Navy is 75 years old. NZ Post issued this set of six values to celebrate this milestone. The Navy has served New Zealand in many different roles, six of which are shown here.

$1.00 - The loss of HMS Neptune.                                   $1.00 - Conflict in Korea.    

             $1.80 - Women at sea.                                $2.20 - Supporting the United Nations.

$2.70 - Disaster relief in Christchurch.                                    $3.30 - The Navy family.          

2017 -  The Darkest Hour - 1917.

  2017 The Darkest Hour - 1917.
The fourth part of this series of issues on New Zealand's involvement in World War I.

The full miniature sheet of all 10 stamps.
Top Row: - $1.00 - A mother mourns – Ellen Knight; $1.00 - From Egypt to Jerusalem; $1.00 - Sling Camp; $2.20 - The Battle of Messines; $2.70 - SS Port Kembla.

Bottom Row: - $1.00 - Technology of war; $1.00 - Plastic surgery; $1.00 - Passchendaele; $2.20 - Social change at home; $2.70 - A changing workforce.

2018 - Back from the Brink - 1918.
2018 Back From The Brink - 1918.
The final part of this series where the fighting comes to an end and people begin to return to normal lives again.

The full miniature sheet of 10 stamps.
Top Row:- $1.00 - Serving his country - Arthur Gordon; $1.00 - Hundred days offensive; $1.00 - The flu pandemic; $2.20 - Armistice; - $2.70 - Le Quesnoy.
Bottom Row:- $1.00 - Demobilisation; $1.00 - Resettlement; $1.00 -Great air war. $2.20 - Maori Battalion return; $2.70 - Rehabilitation.  

2018 Armistice 1918 - 2018.
2018 Armistice 1918 - 2018.
On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, the guns fell silent along the Western Front. The First World War had effectively ended. To commemorate this important centenary and honour those who served, a series of official stamps and legal tender commemorative coins have been issued.

First-Day Cover - 1 October 2018.
Top Row:- $1.20 - Air Force; $1.20 - Medical Services.
Bottom Row:- $2.40 - Army; $3.00 - Navy; $3.60 - Poppy.

2019 ANZAC Dawn Service.
2019 ANZAC Dawn Service.
Around New Zealand, ANZAC is marked with a dawn service on the 25th of April. It is a special time, a time of remembrance, a time to teach the younger generation of the sacrifice of those who served.

$1.20 - Auckland.                                                                    $1.20 - Stewart Island.
$1.20 - Kaikoura.

$2.40 - Scott Base.
$3.00 - Whangarei.                                                            $3.60 - Dannevirke.

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