Friday, 12 October 2012

What is this blog about?

        In this post, I want to tell you what this blog is about and how you can navigate around it.

This Blog
       Originally this blog had been based on my Malaysian stamp collection but I was having trouble finding background information about these stamps and their history. So in October 2012 the decision was made to switch to New Zealand stamps where a lot more information was available about the stamps and their designs, particularly new issues. I know the stamps here are images from my virtual collection but I also have a large collection of New Zealand stamps too.
        My plan is to publish at least one post per week featuring a stamp or set of stamps from my collection. While the subject of the stamps will be my major theme, I will also talk about other topics such as flaws, printing of stamps or thematic sets. As New Zealand issues new stamps I will feature them but this blog but it is not going to become just a record of new issues. I am more interested in exploring the beauty and design of stamps rather than just displaying a complete collection. 

Other Pages
        On other pages of this site, I will be displaying larger groups and collections of stamps such as Health Stamps and Christmas Stamps. You can see these pages listed in the tabs bar at the top of this blog.

Main Index.
        Over time others have joined me in this project. You will notice the various writers at the bottom of each post. We also have Asami who has constructed an index listing every stamp issued by New Zealand. As we complete each post, this index is updated with links being added etc.
         Currently, we are working on a series of sub-indexes that will list posts by subjects etc. These index pages will be very useful in searching for particular issues, subjects, and errors.

        On the right-hand side of this blog, you will find some labels giving a selection of posts on various themes. As posts were added these labels were supposed to have been updated but this has not always happened. We are working on updating and correcting these labels but this could take some time since this blog now have over 300 posts.   

Important Note:-
 This site will be changing regularly so please call back often.

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