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Hi Asami Here.
         This is the Main Top Index to a chronological index for this whole blog. It links us to a series of pages buried within the blog itself. The main index by date has now been completed with new posts being linked in as they are published.
         I am now working on some thematic and topical indexes from links lower down this page, many of which are not completed yet. Comment and suggestions also are welcome below.

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Main Index (By Date of Issue.)

1855 - 1909                                1910 - 1949                               1950 - 1969.


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1995 - 1999.                                 2000 - 2004.                                    2005 - 2009.       

    2010 - 2014.                                          2015 - 2019.

Other Indexes.

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  1. This index is developing well Asami.
    A simple easy to use index leading to a more complex sub-index system.
    I can see how it works but wonder why you are going to all this trouble.

    1. Thank you John.
      I am happy you like it. I am still not sure of the final form yet. It could be changed.
      I was told by Allan that he wanted an index. I think he wanted a list of all his blogs which new ones could be added as they are written. Anne suggested that I do a complete list of all New Zealand stamp issues. We can then just add links as the pages are added. Yes it is a big project but I am enjoying do for him. I like the challenge. Already the writers are using it as a resource for them.
      Just a warning to everyone. I have put all the links I know of but there are many I have missed I think. Allan said to complete the index first and then we can go through the blog establishing all the links. Watch the "What is New" page for announcements of my prigress.

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  3. This is a very useful resource. I have used it to find posts I am interested in. I also noticed there are are not many stamp issues left to do. Are you intending to do them all?

    1. Yes we intend doing every issue. There is only a gap of 14 years left now. Many issues in those years have already been done too.

    2. That gap has closed to 5 years now - 2000 - 2004.

  4. Thank you for this work, it is an excellent reference for me in England, especially as I am trying to finish/update my NZ collection that I started as a kid in Lower Hutt.

    1. Thank you for your comment above. I am glad our blog has been of help. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Mark your comment non publish if you don't want it published. We have almost shown every New Zealand stamp except for a couple of issues in the period 2000 - 2003.