New Zealand Wine Post - Overview.

         As the title says above, this page is an overview of the entire New Zealand Wine Post series of issues. Links on this page lead to three pages, each covering a period of ten years, showing the various issues in more detail with better quality images. While there are gaps in our collection, spaces filled with poor quality images and much work needed on various sections,  everything we have done so far is able to be viewed.
         Stamps and many of the items found on these pages can be purchased from:-
                              New Zealand Wine Post (Stampmetro).                                                  

         The Wine Post, also known as New Zealand Wine Post, is a privately owned postal service in New Zealand. It is operated by Weston Winery New Zealand, the World's Most Southern Winery and acts as its only post office. Wine Post began issuing their own postage stamps in 1990 as one of the many independent posts of New Zealand in a deregulated postal environment. The Wine Post stamps are for their own domestic and international postage of product and correspondence for their own winery.
         The Wine Post is what is called a local post which means it is completely independent of the State mail carrier. It has its own postmarks and system of delivery within New Zealand and abroad which means the cost of the postage is somewhat higher than 80 cents for a letter charged by New Zealand Post.
         The Wine Post currently issues definitive stamps and commemorative stamps on behalf of  Antarctica Post, for their postage to and from Antarctica, mainly the two United States bases, South Pole Station and McMurdo Station. These issues are included in a separate collection of this blog. Links to these pages can be found in the contents below.  

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The first 10 years of Wine Post Stamps.

Earlier Forerunner Stamps.
         The 1980 Early stamps of the Wine Post were issued at the Berwick St Winery and are known as Forerunners issues. While being an important part of the historical foundation of the Winery and the Wine Post, the stamps were not called the 'Wine Post' until 1990.

1982 - Regatta Day.                                                     1985 - Halley's Comet.

While the two stamps above were issued by what was to become known as New Zealand Wine Post they are not considered as official stamps. Notice the left-hand 1982 stamp is valued in cents but the right-hand one is valued in bottles. (Bottles of wine.)

1990 Wine Post Issues - Orange Winebird.
 The 'winebird' design shows a figure flying a chariot of silver ferns.

1990 - October. (Orange)                                 1990 - December. (Burgundy)

1991 Wine Post Issues - Dodge Delivery - Guernsey Lady.

1991 May - Dodge Truck.                                                           1991 May - Guernsey Lady.

1992 Wine Post Issue - Air Show.

1992 Feb - Replica Bi-plane.

1992 Wine Post Issue - Summer Wines & Flowers.
Se-Tenant Strips of 4 Stamps.

2G (2 Glasses) - Guernsey Lady.                               5G (5 Glasses) - Sally Ride.
        Summer Flowers - Roses.                                        Summer Flowers - Daffodils

3G (3 Glasses) - Ships Wine.                          4G (4 Glasses) - Pharoahs Wine.
Summer Flowers - Forget Me Not.                 Summer Flowers  - Daisies.

1993 5G (5 Glasses)  The Guernsey Lady - Overprints.

To HM Customs (Official).                                        To Parliament (Official).

1994  Special Air Export - California.

2B (2 Bottles) - California.

1995  Special Air Export - Definitives.
2B (2 Bottles) - North Dakota in red.
2B (2 Bottles) - Arizona in Blue.
2B (2 Bottles) - California in Green.

1995  The World's Most Southern Winery - Definitives.

 Top Row: - 1G (1 glass) Plum; 2G (2 glasses) Yellow; 1G (1 glass) Blue.
Middle Row: -  3G (3 glasses) Green; 10G (10 glasses) Winery; 5G (5 glasses) Orange.
Bottom Row: - 1G ( 1 glass) Violet; 6G (6 glasses) Black; 1G (1 glass) Brown.        


1995  The Rhododendron Festival - Commemorative.  

2G (2 Glasses) Rhododendron Festival.

Some stamps were overprinted for sale in locations other than the winery.
On the left is a normal example, on the right an overprinted example.

1995  America's Cup - Commemorative.

5G (5 Glasses)

1995  Christmas Stamp - Commemorative.

3G (3 Glasses) Christmas. 
First Christmas stamp issued by NZ Wine Post. 

1996  Wine Tasting - Definitive.

3G (3 Glasses) Wine Tasting.

Printed for use at the wine exhibition post office at the Woodhough Gardens Wine Festival.
First Day Covers were issued at both the Festival and the Winery.

1996  Ruapehu Eruption - Commemorative.

5G (5 Glasses)
 New Zealand Wine Post Ruapehu Volcano Eruption.

1996  Christmas Stamp - Commemorative.

1996 - Turning Water into Wine.

1997  Food & Wine Festival - Commemorative.

1997 - Wine & Food Festival.

1997 Guinness World Record - Commemorative.

1997  - World's Most Southern Winery.

1998  Wine and Berries - Definitive.

½G (glass) - White Wine.                1G (glass) - Pink Wine.                  1½G (glass) - Red Wine.

 1998  Christmas Stamp - Commemorative.

3G (3 glasses) - Santa Claus.

1999  Romeo Bragato - Wine Pioneer.

50c - Romeo Bragato.

 1999  Christmas Stamp - Commemorative.

50c - Weston Winery.

The second 10 years of Wine Post Stamps.
1999/2000 - Turn of the Century- Commemorative.

     $1.00 - Kiwi & Globe.                                               $1.50 - Silver Fern & Globe.

2000 - Air Export Issue - Definitive.

$4 - Air Export to USA.                                       $5 - Air Export to UK. 

2001  Dunedin Railway Station - Local Definitive.
                     (Sunday Delivery)
50c - Dunedin Railway Station.

2001 Chardonnay Stamp - Definitive.

$1.00 - Wineglass containing Chardonnay.

2001  Air Export to Japan - Definitive.

$4 - Mount Fuji.  (富士山 Fujisan)

2001 First Conquerors of Mount Cook - Christmas Commemorate.

80c - Mountain Climbers.

2003 Dunedin Excursion Trains - Locomotives Definitives.  

$2.00 - Diesel Locomotive.                               $2.00 - Steam Locomotive. 

2003 Airmail Issues - Airmail Definitives.

$6.25 - Jupiter Hot-Air Balloon.                         $6.25 - Wright Brothers First Flight.

2004 New Zealand Birds - Definitives.

95c - Fantail.                 $2.50 - New Zealand Tui.             $4.35 - Wood Pigeon.

$9.95 - Whio (Blue Duck).                                            $15.00 - Kaka.          

$25.00 - Kingfisher.                       $50.00 - Albino Kaka.

2004 Green Kiwi Officials.

95c - To HM Customs.          95c - To Parliament.

2005  15th Anniversary of New Zealand Wine Post.

$2.50 - Mailman and Stamps.                              $4.35 - Harvest of Grapes.

2006  NZ Wine Post Emergency Postage Provisional.

$1.50 - Light Blue Provisional.                   $1.50 - Dark Blue Provisional.

2006  Wine to Europe - Definitive.

$3.00 - 2006 Export Wine to Europe.
"New Zealand in a bottle."

2007 Guinness Record - World's Most Southern Winery since 1995.

$5.00 - Weston Winery Buildings
2007 Butterflies, Par-Avion & Export Definitives.

90c - Red Admiral Butterfly.                                 $1.50 - Monarch Butterfly.

$2.00 - Painted Lady Butterfly.

$5.00 - Boeing 747  New Zealand.                                $20.00 - Boeing 747  World.

2007 Conquest of Everest 1953 - Commemorative.
$3.00 - Hillary & Tenzing. 

2009 Free Postage & Fast Postage -  Definitives.

Fast Cars.

2010 - Land of Grapes.

$2.50 - New Zealand & Southern Cross.
"Land of Grapes."

2011 - Pink and White Terraces 1880.

$3.00 - Pink & White Terraces.

2012 Wine Post Definitive Issue.

$2.00 - Mount Cook Daisy.                                    $4 - Franz Joseph Glacier.
(Special Postage)                                                     (Special Postage)

 $7.00 - Wine Regions.                                                 $15.00 - Kea       
(Secures Special Postage)                                     (Export Postage.)

2013 Mount Aspiring.
$3.00 - Mount Aspiring / Tititea.

2013  Dunedin Botanic Gardens 1863 - 2013.
                  150th Anniversary 2013.
$3.00 - Royal Oak,
Dunedin Botanic Gardens.

2014  New Zealand Flag and Silver Fern.
$3.00 - Flag & Silver Fern.

2014  NAC Dakota Aircraft over Christchurch Airport.

New Zealand Wine Post 2014 Dakota over Christchurch airport 1966.

2014 - Christchurch Cardboard Cathedral.
(Christmas Issue.)

$2.00 - Cardboard Cathedral. 

2015 - Red Kiwi Special Post (Officials). 

$9 Red Kiwi - To Parliament.                                  $5 Red Kiwi - To HM Customs.

2015 -  Christmas.

$4.00 - Christmas Sermon.

2016 - Courtney Windju Pinot Noir.

Highly limited proof printings released at a special stamp exhibition announcing the new wine Courtney Windju Pinot Noir.

2016 - Yellow Wine Barrels.

$4.00 - Yellow Wine Barrels.
For Special Postage.

2017 - Bees Are Important.

$4.00 Bees Are Important.

2017  Old Wine Labels Exhibition.

$10.00 - Label Britannia Wine, Charles, Diana, William 1982.
$7.00 Harrier Jump Jet, Falklands War 1982.
$8.00 Ships Wine, Cousteau's research ship Calypso 1985.
$5.00  Sally Ride and the space shuttle 1985.

2018 Mount Cook / Aoraki.

2018 - $10 Mount Cook / Aoraki.

2018 Overland Delivery.

$8.00 - Overland Delivery.

2018 Surf Life Saving.

$10.00 - Surf Life Saving.

$12.00 - St Clair Surf Life Saving Club.

2018 Dunedin Wine & Food Festival.

$5.00 - Dunedin Wine & Food Festival.

Collection Index.

            Page One - New Zealand Wine Post   1990 - 1999.

            Page Two - New Zealand Wine Post   2000 - 2009.
            Page Three - New Zealand Wine Post 2010 - 2019.

                 Special Page - New Zealand Wine Post - Official Stamps.

                 Special Page - New Zealand Wine Post - Wine Labels.


  1. Hello.
    Your blog is very nice and the Wine Post are impressed by your effort. We have decided to give you information where you might need it.

    1991 5G (5 Glasses) The Guernsey Lady.
    Where the 2G stamp had been for domestic use this 5G stamp was for international use. In 1993 it was over printed for two special uses so care needs to be taken identifying the general use stamp shown here from the two overprints shown further down this page.
    I can not find anything about this design. Who is this Guernsey Lady and what does she have to do with a New Zealand wine company?

    Guernsey Lady was the name of the very first wine prior to 1980. And the stamp commemorates this connection of history. Guernsey Lady is in fact, Jane Louise Valpy from the Channel Islands. She is an important ancestor of the Weston Family. She is the Great Grandmother of the Valpy line. Phillip Bree Valpy was her son who Emmigrtaed to New Zealand in 1908.

    The Overprints:
    I would also be interested to know why Weston Winery would require a special stamp just to send items and correspondence to Parliament.

    It came about that very important legal documents were sent to the member of Parliament determining the future of the winery. The questions in those documents were asked in the House and the Official answers posted to the winery with Parliament official mail. To secure the safety of the documents posted from the winery it was deemed necessary to overprint them and use a hand delivered method of priority which also, being addressed to parliament were processed quicker. These Official Destinations have carried on for very imporant mail.

    There was also a Solomon Islands Agency established in Honiara and Auckland.

    Hopes this helps.

    Geoff Weston.

  2. I've spent some time this morning looking at your WinePost pages. What a massive collection. Must have been a big project putting all that together. I have not heard of this local post before. You have some interesting stamps with first day covers and other items. I also noticed some printing errors too. Well done!
    P Stamps