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1975 Definitives / Pictorials - Part Five.

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Errors in the Higher Values.

       Finally we come to flaws and errors found in the higher values. I struggled to find a good variety of flaws in these stamps. So this page seems to show a lot more stamps offset on their back than I would have liked. I will continue to look for more and include when I can.

          Series Index.
1975 Pictorials - Part One.  An overview and history of these issues.

1975 Pictorials - Part Two.  The stamp designs and subjects in more detail.

1975 Pictorials - Part Three.   Flaws & errors found in the 9 low value roses.

1975 Pictorials - Part Four.   Flaws & errors found in the 10c Queen Elizabeth.

1975 Pictorials - Part Five.   Flaws & errors found in the higher values.

20c - Paua Shell.
(Normal Example)

Left-hand Stamp - 1978 20c Paua  Shell selvage strip of 3 with red vertical Doctor Blade flaw which affects all 3 stamps.

Right-hand Stamp - 1978 20c Paua Used Selvage Blk4 with minor red shift, magenta keyline around lower right shell edge.

Left-hand stamp - 1978 20c Paua Shell with red colour offset on back.

Right-hand stamp - 1978 20c Paua Shell with chestnut & yellow offset on back.

1978 20c Paua Shell with yellow colour 100% offset on back.

30c - Toheroa Shell.
(Normal Example)

Above & below - 1978 30c Toheroa with Doctor Blade flaw in blue vertically down each stamp.
(Note this is three examples of the same error.)


Left-hand stamp - 1978 30c Toheroa Shell with yellow/orange offset on back.

Right-hand stamp - 1978 30c Toheroa Shell with violet colour offset on back.

40c - Coarse Dosinia Shell.
(Normal Example)

40c Shell definitve reprint 1 plate blk 6 with yellow offset on back

50c - Spiny Murex Shell.
(Normal Example)

1978 50c Spiny Murex Shell block of 4 with red offset on the back.

$1.00 - Scallop.
(Normal Example)

1979 $1 Scallop yellow colour offset on back.

1979 $1.00 Scallop Shell pairs with perforation shift, no frame down right-hand side.
(Two examples of this error)

1979 $1.00 Scallop Shell with perforation partly missing.

$2 - Circular Saw Shell.
(Normal Example)

I have not found any errors for this stamp.

Some of the images in this post were used with permission from the illustrated catalogue of StampsNZ
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