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1977 Education

       Education in New Zealand at primary and secondary levels is compulsory for all children.  Education at pre-school and university and other tertiary levels are also provided.  It's a system taking children through from the youngest until they become young adults ready to begin careers in New Zealand society.

       A unique feature of New Zealand's education system is the Correspondence School which provides tuition by correspondence for children living in remote areas and for those otherwise unable to attend normal classes.

       New Zealand Post Office issued five stamps to recognise education in New Zealand and commemorate the centenary of the Education Act of 1877, which established the Department of Education. These stamps were issued in a strip of five se-tenant stamps.

The Five Stamps (Used).

         8c - Physical Education.             8c - Students Studying Science.

Aspects of education include the training of the body as well as the mind. In the first stamp was see children taking part in various forms of physical education while the second stamp shows the more advanced education in the fields of science.

                    8c - Pre-school Education.            8c - University Lecture / Language Laboratory.

Pre-school, preparing young children to go to school and University are the two ends of education in New Zealand. Both are as important, performing their given roles as part of the education system.

8c - Adult Education.

Night classes, going back to school to retrain or gain new skills is all part of adult education classes held by many schools and colleges.

The set was usually issued in the form is the strip seen below or on this First Day Cover above.

Technical information

           Date of Issue:
6 April 1977
Peter Blackie, Hobsonville
Harrison and Sons, England
           Stamp Size:
24.13mm x 40.64mm
           Sheet Size:
100 stamps per sheet
           Perforation Gauge:      
13 x 13.5
           Paper Type:
Harrison and Sons, unwatermarked

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