Antarctica / Ross Dependency - Part One

        The purpose of these two Antarctica pages is to support the project Mary is doing by providing an overview of all the stamps related to the Ross Dependency area including stamps issued by New Zealand, Antarctica Post and Ross Dependency. As she completes her pages I will add the stamps to this collection, linking them back to her more detailed posts.   (Asami)

King Edward VII Land & Victoria Land.
Two important Antarctica expeditions left from New Zealand and used overprinted New Zealand postage stamps. This obvious connection with New Zealand and the fact that both expeditions ended up establishing bases in what became known as The Ross Dependency is why these stamps are almost always included in a Ross Dependency stamp collection.

1908 'King Edward VII Land' overprint of the New Zealand 1901 1d Universal
for the Shackleton Expedition to Antarctica. (Used & Mint.)

1910 'Victoria Land' overprint of the New Zealand 1909 ½d Edward VII stamp
for the Scott Expedition to Antarctica. (Used & Mint.)

1910 'Victoria Land' overprint of the New Zealand 1909 1d Dominion stamp
for the Scott Expedition to Antarctica. (Used & Mint.)

1957 Ross Dependency Pictorials.
This was the first issue of the Ross Dependency. This stamp issue below was originally for use by the Trans-Antarctic Expedition but then continued to be used by the staff and researchers stationed at the newly created Scott base. The base and the stamp issue were both parts of New Zealand’s claim to this region of the Antarctic.
                3d - HMS Erebus and Mount Erebus.                             4d - Explorers - Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton. 

8d - Antarctic Region Map.                               1/6 - Queen Elizabeth II. 

1967 Ross Dependency Decimal Pictorials.
The 1957 stamps were decimalised in the 1967 Ross Dependency Decimal Pictorials issue with the same designs continuing to be used until the 1972 Definitives.

                     2c - HMS Erebus and Mount Erebus.                               3c - Explorers - Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton. 

8d - Antarctic Region Map.                               1/6 - Queen Elizabeth II. 

1971 Antarctic Treaty 10th Anniversary.
(New Zealand)
This symbolic design is based on an impression of the constant high winds and swirling movement of the landscape - mountains, snow drifts, storm-whipped seas and the transparent blues and greens which abound in Antarctica. The globe in the centre shows a map of Antarctica. This treaty helped confirm New Zealand's claim of the Ross Dependency.

6c - The 10th Anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty.
The Ross Dependency is that bay at the bottom of the Antarctic Continent. 

1972 Ross Dependency Pictorials/Definitives.
A new definitive issue of seven values, replacing the older 1957/67 designs. This issue featured stylised images of scenes from the Ross Dependency.

3c - Skua Gull;          4c - Royal NZ Air Force Hercules / Williams Airfield; 
5c - Shackleton's 1908 Hut Cape Royds.

8c - Navy Supply Ship HMNZS Endeavour.

     10c - Scott Base.                                                                         18c - Tabular Ice Flow.

1982 Ross Dependency 25th Anniversary of Scott Base.
1982 saw a new issue of six definitive values featuring scenes from the Ross Dependency. The drawn images were an improvement on the previous issue. 

              5c - Adelie Penguins.                                   10c - Tracked Vehicles / Tractors.                                  20c - New Zealand's Scott Base. 

                        30c - Field Party in Upper Taylor Valley.                               40c - Vanda Station, Lake Vanda.                              50c - Scotts Hut, Cape Evans.                                                                                       

1984 Antarctic Research (New Zealand) 
During the period when The Ross Dependency wasn't issuing postage stamps, there were four issues by New Zealand Post. This first one looked at the research being done by New Zealand scientists based at Scott Base. Notice that the words "Ross Dependency" does not appear on this issue while on the next three issues in 1988, 1990 and 1992 it does.

24c - Geological Research - at Shapeless Mountain.
40c - Biological Research - Seal Colonies.

58c - Glaciological Research - 'Winkle' Drilling.
70c - Meteorological Research - Scott Base & Vanda Station.

1988 Whales (New Zealand).
We had difficulty placing this issue in our Antarctic Collection because they are New Zealand stamps and the whales were more commonly found around New Zealand. The only reason they made it in is the "Ross Dependency" found on each stamp. This is usually considered to be the second Antartica issue during the period when Ross Dependency did not issue stamps.

60c - Humpback Whale.                                                 70c - Killer Whale.      

     80c - Southern Right Whale.                                                 85c - Blue Whale.                                                 $1.05 - Southern Bottlenose Whale.

$1.30 - Sperm Whale.

1990 Antarctic Birds.  (New Zealand)
This is the third Antarctica set issued by New Zealand during the time when the Ross Dependency wasn't issuing stamps. These stamps differ to the first issue in that they do feature the words "Ross Dependency" although the stamps were never intended for use in the dependency. 

40c - Antarctic Petrel.                                         50c - Wilson's Storm Petrel.                                         60c - Snow Petrel.         

80c - Antarctic Fulmar.                                    $1.00 - Chinstrap Penguins.                                    $1.50 - Emperor Penguins.

1992 Antarctic Seals.  (New Zealand)

Although inscribed Ross Dependency, these stamps were available and sold throughout New Zealand. They were not issued as stamps for use on postage from Ross Dependency. This was the fourth New Zealand issue during the period when stamps were not being issued by Ross Dependency.

45c - Weddell Seal.                                                  50c - Crabeater Seal.                                                  65c - Leopard Seal.

          80c - Ross Seal.                                        $1.00 - Southern Elephant Seal.                                         $1.80 - Hooker's Sea Lion.

1994 Ross Dependency Wildlife Definitives.
The 1994 Definitives were intended for mail from New Zealand's Scott Base and the Ross Dependency. The stamps were not valid for postage in New Zealand.  This issue also marked the beginning of a new era in Ross Dependency postage stamps where it was realised that there was a good collector demand for these stamps.
5c - South Polar Skua.                                        10c - Snow Petrel Chick.                                        20c - Black-Browed Albatross.

40c - Emperor Penguin.                                        45c - Emperor Penguin.                                        50c - Chinstrap Penguin.

70c - Adelie Penguin.                                                 80c - Elephant Seal.                                                  $1.00 - Leopard Seal.

              $2.00 - Weddell Seal.                                         $3.00 - Crabeater Seal Pup.      

       1995 Ross Dependency Antarctic Explorers.       
     The first annual Ross Dependency issue featured Antarctic explorers and their ships or as in the highest value, aircraft.
40c - Captain James Cook / Resolution and Adventure.                                                                                          80c - James Clark Ross / Erebus and Terror.
$1.00 - Roald Amundsen / Fram.

$1.20 - Robert Falcon Scott / Terra Nova.                                                                                                    $1.50 - Ernest Henry Shackleton / Endurance.
$1.80 - Richard Evelyn Byrd / Floyd Bennett.

1996 Ross Dependency Antarctic Landscapes.
I've always thought of this issue as a rather dark looking set, partly because of that black strip down one side but when you take a closer look there are some very interesting photographs.    

    40c - Inside Ice Cave.                                                  80c - Glacier Base.                                                  $1.00 - Glacier Ice Fall.

$1.20 - Climbers on Crater Rim.                                           $1.50 - Pressure Ridges.                                     $1.80 - Fumerole Ice Tower.      

1997 Ross Dependency Antarctic Birds.
Seabirds were the theme of the 1997 Ross Dependency issue. Six stamps each featuring an Antarctic bird with four of the stamps carrying the logo of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

     40c - Snow Petrel.                                             80c - Cape Petrel.                                             $1.00 - Antarctic Prion.

$1.20 - Antarctic Fulmar.                                        $1.50 - Antactic Petrel.                                        $1.80 - Antarctic Tern.

1998  Ross Dependency Ice Formations.
Six views of ice formations seen on the ever moving, ever changing, Ross Ice Shelf.
      40c - Sculptured Sea Ice.                                           80c - Glacial Tongue.                                            $1.00 - Stranded Tabular Iceberg.

         $1.20 - Autumn at Cape Evans.                                $1.50 - Sea Ice in Summer Thaw.                            $1.80 - Sunset on Tabular Icebergs.      

1999 Ross Dependency Night Skies.
Imagine a world where summer means 24 hours of daylight, winter 24 hours of darkness – and between these two remarkable seasons, a feast of sunsets and sunrises the likes of which you will find nowhere else on earth. 
      40c - Sea Smoke / McMurdo Sound.                      80c - Alpenglow / Mount Erebus, Ross Island.               $1.10 - Sunset / Black Island, Ross Ice Shelf.

      $1.20 - Pressure Ridges / Ross Sea.                               $1.50 - Evening Light / Ross Island.                         $1.80 - Mother Of Pearl Clouds / Ross Island.

2000  Ross Dependency Transport on Ice.
Transport used to overcome the daily challenges of life in Antarctica. 
40c - RNZAF C130 Hercules.                                    80c - Hagglunds All Terrain Carrier.                                 $1.10 - Tracked 4 x 4 Motorbike.

$1.20 - ASV Track Truck.                                             $1.50 - Squirrel Helicopter.                                             $1.80 - Elan Skidoo.

2001 Ross Dependency Penguins.

40c - Emperor Penguin.                                            80c - Adelie Penguin.
Mated Pairs. 

90c - Emperor Penguin.                                      $1.30 - Adelie Penguin.
Ocean and Ice.

$1.50 - Emperor Penguin.                                  $2.00 - Adelie Penguin.
Standing in Groups.

Antarctica Post mail service.
The Antarctica Post Agency is based in Dunedin New Zealand. This is correctly known a New Zealand private postal service, one of many legitimate posts in New Zealand's deregulated postal environment. The mail goes from the Dunedin Agency to the USA Deep Freeze base in Christchurch where it is flown down to the South Pole Station. These stamps are used to carry some mail but more often covers for collectors. Sometimes the Antarctica Post mail is flown to the McMurdo Sound Station and sometimes both McMurdo and the South Pole Station. From 2002 Antarctica Post has usually issued only one stamp per year.

2002 - The Blue Map & Penguin.
(Antarctica Post) 
The first annual stamp issued by Antarctica Post is known as the 'Blue Penguin' since the penguin holds a central place on the stamp. Antarctica Post is a local postal service based in Dunedin which provides a mail service between the three Antarctica bases, New Zealand's Scott Base, the USA bases at McMurdo Sound and Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. Normally these stamps would not appear in a Ross Dependency stamp collection but as they are featured on this blog, we have included them in this collection. 

$1.00 - Blue Penguin. 

2002 Ross Dependency Discovery Expedition.
The Discovery Expedition was the first of Scott's attempts at the Pole. These six stamps marking the 100th anniversary of the Expedition, illustrate the stark reality of a journey that was to prove as arduous as it was exhilarating - a triumph of the human spirit.

40c - The Three Man Team.                                   80c - HMS Discovery at anchor.                                   90c - HMS Discovery frozen in.

$1.30 - Sledges and Tents.                                   $1.50 - Crew of the HMS Discovery.                                   $2.00 - Discovery Hut at Hut Point.

2003 - The Purple Map & Penguin.
(Antarctica Post) 
The second Antarctica Post issue also featured the same penguin and map design but this time with a purple background. Also, notice that the postage value has increased to $2.00.

$2.00 - Purple Penguin used pair.

2003 Ross Dependency Marine Life.
Dive beneath the thick expanse of ice covering the Ross Sea and you'll be amazed at the abundance and variety of colourful marine life that lives in this cold, forbidding environment.

40c - Red Seastar (Odontaster Validus).
90c - Sea Gooseberry / Comb Jelly (Beroe Cucumis).
$1.30 - Giant Seastar (Macroptychaster Accrescens).

$1.50 - Sea Urchin (Sterechinus Neumayeri).
$2.00 - Fan Worm (Perkinsiana Littoralis).

2004 - The Last Huskies in Ross Dependency.
(Antarctica Post) 
This issue marks the end of the use of huskies to pull sledges in the American Antarctic Program or in the Ross Dependency. The husky teams have been replaced with tractors, snowmobiles and other tracked vehicles.

Sledge and huskies.

2004 Ross Dependency Emperor Penguins.
A post showing the five stamps from the 2004 Ross Dependency stamp issue. This year the focus was on Emperor Penguins, showing their family groups of parents, chicks and communities.

Emperor Penguins and Chicks

Groups of Emperor Penguins.

2005 - Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1957-58.
(Antarctica Post) 
       $1.00 - With New Zealand Flag.                                               $2 - With Snow Tractor.             
                      (These pics will be replaced if we can find better quality ones.)

2005 Ross Dependency - Through the Lens.
In 2005, New Zealand Post invited five professional photographers to submit their personal favourites of the Ross Dependency.

45c - Craig Potton / Dry Valleys.                              90c - Andris Apse / Emperor Penguins.                              $1.35 - Mark Mitchell / Fur Seal.

$1.50 - Colin Monteath / Captain Scott's Hut.             $2.00 - Kim Westerskov / Minke Whale.    

2006 - Polar Aurora/Space Station.
(Antarctica Post)

$2.00 Polar Aurora with the International Space Station.

2006 Ross Dependency 
50th Anniversary Antarctic Programme

An issue celebrating scientific research being done in the Ross Dependency.
45c - Biologist / BioRoss Research Programme.
90c - Hydrologist / Cape Roberts Project.
Geologist / Antarctic Drilling Project ANDRILL.

$1.50 - Meteorologist / Latitudinal Gradient Project.
$2.00 - Marine Biologist / Census for Antarctic Marine Life.

2007 50th Anniversary of Scott Base.
(New Zealand)

45c - Scott Base - 1957 Opening Ceremony.                   90c - Scott Base - 1990 Green Buildings.    

$1.35 - Scott Base - 2000 Aerial View.                        $1.50 - Scott Base - 2003 / 04 The Sign.  

$2.00 - Scott Base - 2005 The current base when these stamps were issued.

2007 - Richard Byrd.
(Antarctica Post)

2007 Ross Dependency - 50th Anniversary of the 
Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition.
The 1955–58 Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition (CTAE) was a Commonwealth-sponsored expedition that successfully completed the first overland crossing of Antarctica, via the South Pole. It was the first expedition to reach the South Pole overland for 46 years, preceded only by Amundsen's and Scott's respective parties in 1911 and 1912.

50c - Air Transport / Beaver Aircraft.                         $1.00 - Harry Ayres / Sledge.    

$1.50 - Sledge Dog Team.                      $2.00 - Massey Ferguson tractor.                      $2.50 - Supply Ship HMNZS Endeavour.

2008 - Edmund Hillary.
(Antarctica Post)

$2.00 - Edmund Hillary at what we now know as Scott Base.

2008 Ross Dependency - 100th Anniversary of the British Antarctic Expedition.
The British Antarctic Expedition 1907 - 1909, also known as the Nimrod Expedition, was the first of three expeditions to the Antarctic led by Ernest Shackleton.

50c - Departure of Nimrod from Lyttelton / 1 January 1908.
$1.00 - Pre-fabricated Expedition Base Hut / Cape Royds.

$1.50 - First Vehicle on the Continent.
$2.00 - First to reach the South Magnetic Pole / 16 January 1909.

$2.50 - First ascent of Mount Erebus / 9 March 1908.

2009 - Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers.
International Polar Year 2007 - 2009.

In 2009, at the initiative of Finland Post and Chile Post, more than 30 postal administrations issued stamp products on climate change, the common theme being Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers. Each participating country issued its products in the period January – March 2009, with each country deciding independently on the design of its products. A shared feature of all is the ice crystal insignia.

Miniature Sheet with two $1.50 stamps from the 2006 Tourist Definitives.

2009 - Roald Amundsen Reaches the Pole.
(Antarctica Post)

$2.00 - Roald Amundsen, 1st to reach the South Pole.

2009 Ross Dependency - 
50th Anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty.

This treaty establishes the purpose of keeping Antarctica military and pollution free while promoting the scientific study of the continent.

50c - 50th Anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty.
$1.00 - Antarctica Shall be Used for Peaceful Purposes Only.
$1.80 - Freedom of Scientific Investigation in Antarctica.

$2.80 - International Co-operation in Scientific Investigation in Antarctica.
$2.30 - Preservation and Conservation of Living Resources in Antarctica.

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