Antarctica / Ross Dependency - Part Two.

        The purpose of these two Antarctica pages is to support the project Mary is doing by providing an overview of all the stamps related to the Ross Dependency area including stamps issued by New Zealand, Antarctica Post and Ross Dependency. As she completes her pages, I will add the stamps to this collection and link them back to her more detailed posts.   (Asami)

2010 Antarctica Post - Ross Dependency (Sir James Ross).
 When James Clark Ross broke through the ice belt he discovered what we now know as the Ross Sea and the island Scott named after him, Ross Island with it two great volcanoes, the active Mt Erebus and the extinct Mt Terror, named after Ross's ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror.

$2.00 - The Ross Dependency.

2010 Ross Dependency - Whales of the Southern Ocean.
2010 Ross Dependency - Whales of the Southern Ocean.
Five whales found in the Southern Ocean near the Ross Dependency.

60c - Sperm Whale / Physeter microcephalus.                       $1.20 - Minke Whale / Balaenoptera Acutorostrata.

$1.90 - Sei Whale / Balaenoptera Borealis.                 $2.90 - Killer Whale / Orcinus Orca.      

$2.40 - Humpback Whale / Megaptera Novaeangliae.

2011 Antarctica Post - The Icebreaker "Polar Sea."
The 2011 annual issue of Antarctica Post shows the US Coast Guard vessel "Polar Sea" an icebreaker used for science and logistic support in the Ross Dependency area. 

$2.00 - Icebreaker "Polar Sea."

2011 Ross Dependency - Race to the Pole.

In the final race to the South Pole, Roald Amundsen got there first with Robert Scott arriving some days late. While Amundsen made it safely back to his base, Scott tragedy died on the return journey.

60c - Roald Amundsen.                               $1.20 - Amundsen Triumphs.

$1.90 - Robert Scott.                                                   $2.40 - The Last Camp.

$2.90 - Great Explorers / Brave Men.

2012 Antarctica Post - Scott's Newspaper "South Polar Times."
The South Polar Times had the lowest circulation for any newspaper in the world. Only one copy of each edition was ever printed, but every single person on the continent of Antarctica (five members of Scott team) read it. 

$2.00 - Front Cover "South Polar Times."

2012 Ross Dependency Definitives.
Unlike previous recent issues, these stamps have been issued as definitives, the first since the 1994 Ross Dependency Wildlife Definitives and will remain on sale until further notice. The five stamps show scenery from the dependency.
          70c - Mount Erebus.                                      $1.40 - Beardmore Glacier.

$1.90 - Lake Vanda.                                                   $2.40 - Cape Adare.

$2.90 - Ross Ice Shelf.

2013 Antarctica Post - Captain Scott & Lassie.
The 2013 Antarctica Post annual issue featured a view of Captain Robert Fulcan Scott with one of the dogs he took with him to Antarctica.
$2.00 - Captain Scott & Lassie with First Day of Issue cancel.

2013 Ross Dependency - Antarctic Food Web.
See our post 2013 Ross Dependency Antarctic Food Web.
The theme for this issue was the Antarctic food web. The five stamps featured five very different creatures who depended on each other in someway for their survival.

70c - Antarctic Krill / Euphausia Superba.     
$1.40 - Lesser Snow Petrel / Pagodroma Nivea.

$1.90 - Adélie Penguin / Pygoscelis Adeliae.

$2.40 - Crabeater Seal / Lobodon Carcinophaga. 
$2.90 - Blue Whale / Balaenoptera Musculus.

2014 Antarctica Post - South Polar Station.
Antarctica Post - Page Two.
This issue features the geodesic dome of the second South Polar Station. This dome was abandoned in 2008 and removed in 2010, being replaced by the third South Polar Station.

$2.00 - South Polar Station.

2014 Ross Dependency - The Penguins of Antarctica.
See our post 2014 Ross Dependency - Penguins of Antarctica.
Penguins are the most commonly found birds in Antarctica, and the Ross Dependency 2014 stamp issue features five unique breeds of penguin that choose to call this cold, dry continent home. The stamps are unusual in that they are round instead of the usual rectangle shape.
80c - Emperor Penguins.                          $1.40 - Adélie Penguins.                         $2.00 - Macaroni Penguins.
$2.50 - Gentoo Penguins.                            $3.00 - Chinstrap Penguins.

2015 Antarctica Post - The Frozen Continent.
Antarctica, as seen from space, appears as a large mass of white surrounded by the blue of the oceans, a big contrast to the greens and browns of other continents of the world.

$2.00 - The Frozen Continent with First Day of Issue cancel.

2015 Ross Dependency - Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition.
See our post 2015  Ross Dependency - Trans-Antarctic Expedition.
The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914–17), also known as the Endurance Expedition, is considered the last major expedition of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. Conceived by Sir Ernest Shackleton, the expedition was an attempt to make the first land crossing of the Antarctic continent.
80c - The Endurance.                                            80c - Ocean Camp.

$1.40 - Elephant Island to South Georgia.                                    $2.00 - The Aurora.         

     $2.50 - Laying the Depots.                                        $3.00 - Rescue of the Ross Sea Party.

2016 Antarctica Post - Douglas Mawson.
The 2016 Antarctica Post issue showing Australian geologist/explorer Douglas Mawson.
$2.00 - Douglas Mawson.

2016 75th Anniversary of the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN.)

The first day cover features a photo of HMNZS Endeavour I at McMurdo Sound in January 1957, as part of the Navy support for New Zealand's Antarctica Program.

2016 Ross Dependency - Undersea Life.
2016 Ross Dependency - Undersea Life.
Covered in ice for much of the year, and with seawater temperatures below zero, who would guess that beneath the surface the Ross Sea is a world teeming with life?
$1.00 – Stalked crinoid.                     $1.80 – Sea star.                    $2.20 - Sponge.

$2.70 - Hydroid.                       $3.30 – Sea spider.

2017 Ross Dependency - Historic Huts.

2017 Ross Dependency - Historic Huts. 
An issue showing the three historic huts from the great explorers Captain Robert Falcon Scott and Sir Ernest Shackleton that have been restored and preserved in the Ross Dependency. 


$1.00 Scott’s Discovery Hut.                                                                                      $2.20 Shackleton’s Nimrod Hut.

$2.00 Man’s Best Friend, Discovery Hut. 

$2.30 Thank You Mrs Sam, Nimrod Hut.                                                                     $3.30 Dearest, Terra Nova Hut.            

$2.70 Scott’s Terra Nova Hut.

2017 Antarctica Post - Douglas Mawson.
The 2017 Antarctica Post issue celebrates Admiral Byrd's flight to the South Pole in 1929. The first time a plane had ever flown so far south.

$5.00 - Admiral Byrd's Ford Trimotor.

2018 Ross Dependency - Aircraft.
2018 Ross Dependency - Aircraft.
This issue tells the story of New Zealand aviation in the Ross Dependency, both as transport getting to Antarctica and supporting the scientific work there.

$1.20 - RNZAF - Auster T7C.                                                     $1.20 -RNZAF - C130 Hercules. 

$1.20 - RNZAF – DHC-2 Beaver.                                                    $2.40RNZAF - Boeing 757.

$3.00 - Southern Lakes Helicopters - AS350-B3 Squirrel.
$3.60Kenn Borek Air - DCH-6 Twin Otter.

2018 Antarctica Post - Captain Oates.

$5.00 - Captain Oates - Act of Self-Sacrifice.
Captain Lawrence Edward Grace "Titus" Oates (17 March 1880 – 16 March 1912) was a British army officer, and later an Antarctic explorer, who died during the Terra Nova Expedition. Oates, afflicted with gangrene and frostbite, walked from his tent into a blizzard. His death is seen as an act of self-sacrifice when aware that his ill health was compromising his three companions' chances of survival, he chose certain death. 

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