Christmas Stamps - Part Three.

The Later Years:-  2000 - Present.
In 1960 New Zealand began issuing Christmas Stamps each year, stamp with a Christmas theme to celebrate this important season. These stamps were often used on mail being sent to other parts of the world so NZ post usually issues them a few months before Christmas to give time for parcels and postage to reach their destination by Christmas Day.

2000 Christmas Issue.
Nativity Story.
The 2000 set of six stamp designs tells the Nativity story using designs are based on 16th and 17th-century artistic interpretations, renowned for their richness and depth of colour. These designs have been enhanced by the addition of metallic gold to each stamp during the printing process. The designer incorporated an arch shape into the background of each stamp - a shape that is frequently seen in Christmas art, especially in church architecture and stained glass windows.
40c - Mary with the Baby Jesus.                 80c - Mary and Joseph Travelling
                                                                             to Bethlehem.

     $1.10 - Baby Jesus in the Manger.                      $1.20 - The Angel Visits the Shepherds.

$1.50 - Shepherds Mind their Flock by Night.                    $1.80 - Three Kings Arrive from the East.

40c - Mary with the Baby Jesus (Self-Adhesive). 

2001 Christmas Issue.
Christmas Carols.
Christmas in the Park - What would the festive season be without its songs? In Auckland, thousands gather in the domain to sing along to the familiar lyrics, tunes and songs we all know as Christmas Carols. The songs lift people out of themselves, providing a glimpse of a happier and more tolerant world. It's not necessary to be religious, nor even particularly musical to enjoy these occasions. Some of these well-known carols are the feature of this six value set.
40c - In Excelsis Gloria.                                      80c - Away in a Manger.

              90c - Joy to the World!                       $1.30 - Angels We Have Heard On High.

        $1.50 - O Holy Night.                           $2.00 -  While Shepherds Watched.

40c - In Excelsis Gloria. (Self-Adhesive)

2002 Christmas Issue.
Church Interiors.
The 2002 Christmas Issue featured church interiors each fitted into an arch-shaped design. These six delightful churches are all notable for their distinctive interior designs and unusual architectural approaches.
40c - Saint Werenfried, Waihi Village, Lake Taupo, Tokaanu.
80c - Saint David's, Christchurch.

90c - Orthodox Church of the Transfiguration of Our Lord, Masterton.
$1.30 -Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Palmerston North.

$1.50 - Cathedral of Saint Paul, Wellington.
$2.00 - Cathedral of The Blessed Sacrament, Christchurch.

40c - Saint Werenfried, Waihi Village, Lake Taupo, Tokaanu. (Adhesive)

The Evolving Series.
The Christmas Issue changed again in 2003 when one of the values was dropped in favour of a 5 value issue. The number of adhesive stamps seems to have changed from year to year as over the next few years we will see one, two or even three adhesives issued. 

2003 Christmas Issue.
Tree Decorations.
Every year out comes the tree. Some use an artificial tree from a box, while others go out and get real trees, pine trees grown and cut for the purpose. Once the tree is set up next comes the decorations placed all over turning it into a sight to behold. This year the Christmas theme was Tree Decorations.
40c - Baby.                                                    90c - Bird.

$1.30 - Candles.                                              $1.50 - Bells.

$2.00 - Angel.

40c - Baby (Self-Adhesive).            $1.00 - Tree (Self-Adhesive).

Missing Silver Fern.

Left-hand Stamp - normal example.
Right-hand Stamp - Missing the NZ Post Silver Fern (Bottom-left). 

2004 Christmas Issue.
Traditional Christmas Food.
The 2004 Christmas set is a rather difficult one to place into a album or on to a computer page because the stamps were designed to stand on their corner as can be seen below. I have included the full set to show this then large views of the stamps are displayed using the words 'New Zealand 45c' as the top edge.
The Full set - 5 diagonal Stamps & 3 Adhesives. 

For Kiwis, no Christmas is complete without food - and plenty of it!  And while many still indulge in traditional 'winter' fare such as roast turkey and plum pudding, more and more are choosing to dine on cuisiine appropriate for the season and reflecting our muiltcultural identity.
Kiwi Christmas feasts of today are likely to be barbecues and salads followed by one of our favourite desserts - the delectable fluffy pavlova, served with whipped cream and strawberries - or even a 'hangi' a traditional Maori earth oven where food is slowly steamed among hot rocks. Today in many families, these alternative foods are now considered as traditional New Zealand Christmas Food.
45c - Traditional Feast.                                               90c - Traditional Hangi.

$1.35 - Traditional Barbeque.                            $1.50 - Traditional Picnic.

$2.00 - Traditional Dessert.

Three adhesive values.
The adhesives:-  45c - Feast;      90c - Hangi;       $1.00 - Christmas Cake.

2005 Christmas Issue.
One of the World's Greatest Stories.
One of the world’s great stories – a 2000-year-old tale of wonder. The story of the Nativity, which took place in Bethlehem more than 2000 years ago, has all the ingredients of greatness – visits from angels bearing extraordinary news; a young couple driven from their home, and their desperate search for a bed; the lowly stable where the baby Jesus is born; and the star in the sky that leads worshippers to the spot where he lies. Jesus’ birth, and the events that surround it, are the reasons for Christmas.

45c - Baby Jesus.                                                    90c - Mary & Joseph.

$1.35 - The Shepherds.                                      $1.50 - The Wise Men.

$2.00 - The Star of Bethlehem.

45c - Baby Jesus in the Manger (Self-Adhesive).
$1.00 - The Gifts from the Three Wise Men (Self-Adhesive).

2006 Christmas Issue.
Children's Design a Stamp Competition.
For more detail see our post Christmas Stamps 2006 - 2009.
The 2006 Christmas stamps are the results of a nationwide competition in which all New Zealand schoolchildren were invited to design a stamp to illustrate what Christmas meant to them. The competition was a huge success – attracting more than 17,000 entries from throughout the country and astonishing the judges with the talent it revealed. Choosing the 10 lucky winners was a challenge, but the results amply demonstrate that, for Kiwi children everywhere, Christmas holds a very special place in their hearts.

Top Row:- 45c - Hanna McLachlan / Koru Family;  45c - Isla Hewitt / Wise Men and Camel; 45c - Caitlin Davidson / The Family.
Bottom Row:- 45c - Maria Petersen / Baby Jesus and Mary;  45c - Deborah Yoon / Pohutukawa Tree and Beach;  45c - Hannah Webster / Wood Pigeon.

90c - Pierce Higginson / Kiwi Fruit;    $1.35 - Rosa Tucker / Kiwiana Christmas Tree.

$1.50 - Sylvie Webby / Pohutukawa New Zealand Christmas Tree;    $2.00 - Gemma Baldock / Christmas Camping.

45c - Hanna McLachlan / Koru Family (Self-Adhesive).
$1.50 - Sylvie Webby / Pohutukawa New Zealand Christmas Tree (Self-Adhesive).

2007 Christmas Issue.
Children's Artwork.
For more detail see our post Christmas Stamps 2006 - 2009.
The 2006 ‘Design a Stamp’ competition was such a success that that NZ Post decided to do it again. In 2007, schoolchildren nationwide were given the challenge of designing a stamp with the theme of ‘Christmas symbols’ – and once again, the results were simply astonishing. The winning five, and particularly the Supreme Winner designed by Sione Vao age six, demonstrate the talent and imagination that abounds among Kiwi kids today.

50c - Sione Vao / Christmas Symbols.                $100 - Reece Cateley / Robin.

              $1.50 - Emily Wang / Baby Jesus.              $2.00 - Alexandra Eathorne / Beach Cricket.

$2.50 - Jake Hooper / Fantail.

50c - Sione Vao / Christmas Symbols (Self-Adhesive).
$1.50 - Emily Wang / Baby Jesus (Self-Adhesive).

2008 Christmas Issue.
Split Issue.
For more detail see our post Christmas Stamps 2006 - 2009.
The 2008 Christmas stamp issue combines the winning three entries (out of over 20,000 entries) in the third annual ‘Design a Stamp’ 'Kiwi Christmas' themed competition, with three vignettes from a traditional Christmas image designed by Auckland-based illustrator Martin Bailey.

50c - Kirsten Fisher-Marsters / Sheep ready for Christmas.
$2.00 - Tamara Jenkin / Pohutukawa and Koru.

$2.50 - Molly Bruhns / Kiwi enjoying Christmas.
50c - Nativity Scene by Martin Bailey.

$1.00 - Close-up of Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus from Nativity Scene by Martin Bailey.
$1.50 - Close-up of Mary and Baby Jesus from Nativity Scene by Martin Bailey.

50c - Nativity Scene by Martin Bailey (Self-Adhesive).
$1.50 - Close-up of Mary and Baby Jesus from Nativity Scene by Martin Bailey (Self-Adhesive).

2009 Christmas Issue.
Second Split Issue.
For more detail see our post Christmas Stamps 2006 - 2009.
Following the success of the 2008 Christmas stamps, the 2009 issue combined traditional and contemporary views of this annual Christian festival. It comprised of three traditional stamps depicting nativity scenes designed by Wellington artist Stephen Fuller, and three by members of the next creative generation – the winners of the 2009 Design a Stamp school competition, in which school children nationwide sent us their own perspectives on the theme ‘What do you love about Christmas?

50c - Felix Wang / White Chair and Pohutukawa Tree.
$2.30 - Dannielle Aldworth / New Zealand Pigeon with Hat.

$2.80 - Apurv Bakshi / Receiving Christmas Presents.

            50c - The Shepherds.                         $1.00 - Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.

$1.80 - The Three Kings.

50c - The Shepherds (Self-Adhesive).
$1.80 - The Three Kings (Self-Adhesive).

2010 Christmas Issue.
Celebrating 50 Years of Christmas Stamps.
NZ Post wrote on their web site "In the past 50 years New Zealand Post’s Christmas stamps have adorned envelopes carrying messages of Christmas cheer to loved ones at home and abroad."

The 2010 Christmas stamp issue features images of stamps from popular Christmas themes of the last half-century. The stamps are set against a metallic silver background and show one of what appears to be a block or sheet. Each value carries the words "50 Years of Christmas Stamps" and gives the year of the stamp shown. I found it interest to compare the 2010 value with the value of the earlier stamps shown.

60c - Classical painting 'The Adoration of the Shepherds' / 1960 Christmas.
$1.20 - Stained Glass Window from New Zealand Church / 1970 Christmas.

$1.90 - Summer Christmas in New Zealand 'Pohutukawa Tree' / 1979 Christmas.
$2.40 - Modern Interpretations 'Star of Bethlehem' / 1983 Christmas.

$2.90 - Christmas Tradition 'Mary & Baby Jesus' / 2000 Christmas.

60c - Classical paintings / 1960 Christmas (Self-Adhesive).
$1.90 - Summer Christmas in New Zealand / 1979 Christmas (Self-Adhesive).

2011 Christmas Issue.
The Birth of Baby Jesus.
The Christmas 2011 stamp issue portrays the Nativity – the traditional Christian story that has been told and treasured by people around the world for generations. The stamps all reflect on the true meaning of Christmas – the birth of baby Jesus.
           $1.20 - Angel.                                                 $1.90 - Mary and Joseph.

$2.40 - Shepherds.                            $2.90 - Wise Men.

60c - Baby Jesus.

The three adhesive stamps.
     60c - Baby Jesus.                       $1.90 - Mary and Joseph.                       $2.40 - Shepherds. 

2012 Christmas Issue.
The Christmas Story.
For thousands of years people around the world have reflected on the Nativity story at Christmas time, and this traditional story is told through New Zealand's Christmas 2012 stamps. The designs of this issue are a beautiful reminder of the meaning behind Christmas, and the reason we all celebrate with friends and family on 25 December. The stamps have a uniquely New Zealand touch, with a pōhutukawa motif framing each of the intricately illustrated images.
For a more detailed view of this issue see our post.
70c - Mary and Joseph with Jesus.

          $1.40 - The Shepherds.                       $1.90 - The Angel of the Lord.

$2.40 - The Three Wise Men Bring Gifts.
$2.90 - The Three Wise Men Travelling.

The three adhesive values.
$1.90 - The Angel of the Lord (Self-Adhesive).

70c - Mary and Joseph with Jesus (Self-Adhesive).                      $2.40 - The Three Wise Men Bring Gifts (Self-Adhesive).

2013 Christmas Issue.
Christmas in Aotearoa.
For many New Zealanders, Christmas Day signals the beginning of a long-anticipated summer holiday. It’s a time to celebrate with friends and family and enjoy some good-old Kiwi sunshine. Christmas in New Zealand is about BBQs, outdoor meals, going to the beach. The five square-shaped stamps in this festive issue are a vibrant reflection of Christmas in Aotearoa (Maori name for New Zealand).
For a more detailed view of this issue see our post.
       70c - Gift giving.                                       $1.40 - Christmas lunch.

$1.90 - Decorating the tree. 

$2.40 - Cricket on the beach.                                $2.90 - Carol singing.

Three adhesive values.
$1.90 - Decorating the tree (Self-Adhesive).

          70c - Gift giving (Self-Adhesive).                                    $2.40 - Cricket on the beach Self-Adhesive). 

2014 Christmas Issue.
Children's Nativity Play. 
For many children across New Zealand, performing in a nativity play is part of their festive tradition. In the 2014 Christmas Issue, the story of the nativity play is told through stunning illustrations on the five Christmas stamps, but in this case using views of five children acting rather than the traditional characters themselves. This is an interesting twist, a nice way of doing it.
For a more detailed view of this issue see our post.

80c – Mary & Jesus.

$1.40 – Joseph.                                         $2.00 – Wise Men.

    $2.50 – Angel.                                        $3.00 – Shepherd.    

The threesSelf-adhesive values.
$2.00 – Wise Men (Self-Adhesive).

80c – Mary & Jesus Self-Adhesive).                                               $2.50 – Angel (Self-Adhesive).     

   2015 Christmas Issue.
Stained-Glass Windows.
 The Christmas 2015 stamp issue featured five vibrant stained-glass windows, ranging in design from the traditional to the contemporary. Three of these designs were repeated in a adhesive format of booklets and dispensers.
80c - Angel.                                 $1.40 - Dove.                         $3.00 - Wise Men.    

$2.50 - Pōhutukawa.                        
$2.00 - Mary and Jesus.

Three self-adhesive values.
$2.00 - Mary and Jesus (Self-Adhesive).

        80c - Angel (Self-Adhesive).                                                   $2.50 - Pōhutukawa (Self-Adhesive).

2016  Christmas Issue.
The Birth of Jesus.
For more on this issue see our post, 2016  Christmas.

In 2016 we return to the primary theme of Christmas, the birth of Jesus. In a set of five gummed stamps and three adhesives, we see five colourful inserts from a bigger scene of Jesus with his parents in a stable. The full scene appeared on the miniature sheet for this issue, plus on a special collectable calendar. 
$1.00 - Jesus.                              $1.80 - Joseph.                              $2.20 - Shepherd.

$2.70 - Mary.                              $3.30 - Wiseman.

Three self-adhesive values.
$2.20 - Shepherd (Self-Adhesive).

$1.00 - Jesus (Self-Adhesive).                                                      $2.70 - Mary (Self-Adhesive). 

2017 Christmas Issue.
Christmas Tree Decorations.
The 2017 Christmas Issue featured five items used to decorate Christmas Trees. This is a very popular way many celebrate over the festive season. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, pop-up shops, often in shipping containers appear everywhere selling Christmas Trees. The fact that so many are out there doing it shows what a big market, how popular Christmas Trees are. 

Set of five gummed stamps.

$1.00 - Angel.                                                                                            $2.20 - Bauble.
$2.30 - Star.
    $2.70 - Bell.                                                                                               $3.30 - Wreath.

Set of three adhesive stamps.
  $1.00 - Angel (Adhesive.)                                                                                                                  
  $2.20 - Bauble (Adhesive.)
                                                                                                                          $2.70 - Bell (Adhesive.)

2018 Christmas Issue.
Nativity Scenes.
2018  Christmas Issue.

Once again the Christmas stamps returned their traditional favourite theme, the Nativity.

Five Gummed Stamps.
$1.20 - The Virgin Mary.                                                             $1.20 - The Baby Jesus.
$2.40 - The Christmas Angel.
                $3.00 - The Wise Men.                                                       $3.60 - The Humble Shepherd. 

Four Self-Adhesive Stamps.
$1.20 - The Virgin Mary (Adhesive).                                  $1.20 - The Baby Jesus (Adhesive).
$2.40 - The Christmas Angel (Adhesive).                           $3.00 - The Wise Men (Adhesive).

Some of the images in this post were used with permission from the illustrated catalogue of StampsNZ
You can visit their website and Online Catalogue at,

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