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Resene Stamps - Part Three (2010 - 2015).

Resene Stamps - Page One (2002 - 2004)

Resene Stamps - Page Three (2010 - 2015)


New Zealand Mail is an accredited New Zealand Post service provider. Supplying specialist services to businesses requiring dedicated help with high volume mail facilities for mail handling, mail franking and hybrid mail services. They even provide a wide range of stamps and postage paid envelope options. While Resene Paints do not produce, market or sell these stamps through their own stores, the stamps do provide a welcome, if rather an unusual form of advertising. They also use these stamps for their own postage requirements.

Produced and distributed by originally Stamps at Work, then Black Sheep Stamps and now NZ Mail, the stamps are predominantly sold through convenience outlets all over New Zealand. Resene postage stamps are just another way Resene is adding colour to our community. The stamps are legal postage stamps and can be used to send letters domestically and internationally, that is if you can bear to part with them!


2009 - The Range for 2010.
2009 saw another Resene colour range issue. I kind of like the different names they use.

RES330.                                                   RES331.                                             RES332.
Avalanche.                                           First Light.                                          Upstage.   

RES333.                                           RES334.
Vindaloo.                                           Bungy.

RES335.                                               RES336.                                            RES337.
Jumpstart.                                               Pursuit.                                             Patriot.    

RES338.                                     RES339.
Limitless.                                       Red Hot.

2010 - The Range for 2011 - 2012.
Another colour range issue. Of course, the purpose behind these stamps is advertising Resene painting products so it is to be expected paint colours will be featured.

RES400.                                            RES401.
Switched On.                                     Undercover.

RES402.                                                    RES403.                                                   RES404.
Rock N Roll.                                      Chocolate Lounge.                                          Howzat.

RES405.                                            RES406.
City Limits.                                          Free Spirit.

RES407.                                                   RES408.                                                  RES409.
Hot N Spicy.                                               Elvis.                                                     Escape.

At this point, our best source of stamps and information ended so for the last few sets on this page the only information we had was each set's title and what we can read off very poor images. We have decided to include these sets as they do in some ways complete the Resene Series. 

2010 The Range Fashion Colours 14.
All we can give you here is the set's title and captions taken from each stamp image.

001 Bullseye.                                   002 Windfall.                          003 Material Girl.

004 Night Owl.                           005 Red Tape.

006 Wild Thing.                                007 Breeze.                             008 Dynamite. 

009 Smashing.                                      010 Elvis.   

2011 Resene 65th birthday.
These stamps proved even harder to identify so we are just showing them with no caption.





2011 Resene Colour. It’s all over New Zealand.
Not having any other captions or details we've just taken the name off each stamp. It's a pity about the image quality as these are some of the best Resene Stamps featuring icon and kiwiana subjects. 

Barbecue.                                 Pavlova.

Geyser.                                            Jandal.                                         Koru.  

Bungy Jumping.                              Hokie Pokie.

Middle Earth.                                    Surfs Up                                       Pohutakawa. 

2015 Paint NZ Beautiful.
This seems like it might be the end of the road for Resene stamps. We can't find any other stamps and there are no details about these other than the title just above so we came up with two captions of our own.

New Zealand White Background.                  New Zealand Black Background.

Resene Stamps - Page One (2002 - 2004)

Resene Stamps - Page Three (2010 - 2015)

Information, images and photographs came from: - 

New Zealand Mail and Postie's Choice Stamps

Resene Website - Resene Postage Stamps.

Resene Website - Auckland City Cow Parade.

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