Thursday, 14 March 2013

2001 / 2013 Year of the Snake

          Each year of the Chinese lunar calendar is represented by a different animal. 2001 & 2013 were the sixth in the calendar cycle, The Year of the Snake. Traditionally the Chinese have thought of those born during the Year of the snake as being elegant, insightful, motivated and highly intellectual. According to ancient Chinese folklore, snakes were well thought of. They were considered to be deities in disguise, and a snake entering a house was said to bring good fortune for all who live there.
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         The 2013 Year of the Snake stamp issue reflects different aspects of Chinese tradition and culture. The four illustrated stamps also celebrate New Zealand's growing Chinese community and are an essential addition to any lunar stamp collection.

70c - Chinese Calligraphic Snake.
The Chinese 'snake' character on this stamp was painted by Zhao Meng-fu,
a scholar, painter and calligrapher from the Yuan Dynasty (1254-1322 AD).