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          This index is designed to group together issues that were designed and issued as a series. The larger groups of stamp issues, such as Health Stamps or Christmas Stamps can be found in the header index above. This page will list other smaller groups, such as the Heritage Series or Lord of the Rings. Some of these have already been indexed via their own summary pages, in which case the summary will be shown in the index below as well.     (Asami)

Page Index
         Lord of the Rings Issues.

         Government Lighthouse Issues.

         Stamp Exhibitions

         The Heritage Series.

Government Life Insurance.
Lighthouse Issues.

For many years Government Life Insurance Department issued its own postage stamps. Since the department used a lighthouse as an advertising and promotion symbol, they used the lighthouse theme on their stamps as well. 

          Government Life Insurance - Summary.
                      An overview of all the stamps in this series.

                     1891  Lighthouse Issue.  (With VR).
                               The first issue of Lighthouse stamps featured a stylised design with the letters VR in the background behind the lighthouse.

                     1905/06  Lighthouse Issue. (Without VR)
                               Two stamps that do not fit with either of these early issues. 

                     1913  Lighthouse Issue (Without VR)
                               After a gap of seven years, Government Life began issuing stamps again.

                     1947  Lighthouse Issue.   (Real Lighthouses)
                               This was the first issue that featured actual lighthouses.

                     1967  Lighthouse Issue.  (Overprint)
                               When New Zealand began decimal currency some of the 1947 stamps were overprinted with decimal values.

                     1969  Lighthouse Issue.    (Real Lighthouses)
                               A new issue to mark the centenary of the Life Insurance Office.

                              The final Lighthouse Issue returned to a modern stylised design until they were discontinued in 1987.

The Heritage Series. 

Leading up to the year 2000, New Zealand produced three Heritage Series.

1988 - 1990  Heritage Series (The First Heritage Series).
          1988 - 1990 Heritage Series - Summary Page.
                     Six stamp issues of New Zealand heritage and culture leading up to the 150th Anniversary of the Treaty of Waitangi.

                     1988 Heritage Set One - The Land.
                             Six famous paintings featuring the landscape of New Zealand.

                     1989 Heritage Set Two - The People.
                             Six groups of people who made their mark on the history of New Zealand.

                     1989 Heritage Set Three - The Sea. 
                             Six stamps showing the significant role the sea has played in our island life.   

                     1990 Heritage Set Four - The Ships.
                             New Zealand is an island so most people came in ships over the ocean.

                     1990 Heritage Set Five - The Achievers. 
                             Six people who have made a difference to New Zealand.

                     1990 Heritage Set Six - The Maori. 
                             The Maori people whose culture added much to the culture of New Zealand.

                     1990  150 Anniversary of Treaty of Waitangi.
                              While not intended as part of the 1st Heritage Series this post fits well here.

1992 - 1994  Emerging Years Series  (The Second Heritage Series).
          Second Heritage Series - Emerging Years Series - Summary Page.
                    Four issues that look at the four decades (the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s) when New Zealand became a nation.  

                    1992  Emerging Years - The 1920s.
                              A time when things began to change.

                    1993  Emerging Years - The 1930s.
                              Struggle and hardship of Worldwide Economic Depression.

                    1993  Emerging Years - The 1940s.
                              Worldwide War a demanding time for a young country.

                    1994  Emerging Years - The 1950s.
                              A time of prosperity, comfort, full-employment and economic growth.

1997 - 2000  The Millennium Series  (The Third Heritage Series.)
          Third Heritage Series - The Millennium Series - Summary Page.
                    A series of posts leading up to the year 2000.

                    1997  Millennium Series I - The Discoverers.
                              Six famous explorers on six great stamps.

                    1998  Millennium Series II - A New Beginning.
                              Immigration to New Zealand, how various groups shaped this country.

                    1998  Millennium Series III - Urban Transformation.
                              The changing and growth of cities of New Zealand.

                    1999  Millennium Series IV - Nostalgia.
                              Collections of items that bring back memories of days now gone.

                    1999  Millennium Series V - Leading the Way.
                              People who stepped out and did something different.

                    1999 / 2000  Millennium Series IV - The Last Sunset / A New Dawn.
                              Two issues not intended as part of the millennium issues that fit well.

Stamp Exhibitions.
During the 1980s NZ Post began issuing collectors miniature sheets for each stamp exhibition they attended. These issues are often not included in other posts so we have gathered them together in a series of posts.

                    1980s  Stamp Exhibitions.
                               Special exhibition miniature sheets issued during this period.

                    1990 - 1994  Stamp Exhibitions.
                               Special exhibition miniature sheets issued during this period.

                    1995 - 1999  Stamp Exhibitions.
                               Special exhibition miniature sheets issued during this period.

                    2000 - 1004  Stamp Exhibitions.
                               Special exhibition miniature sheets issued during this period.

                    2005 - 2009 Stamp Exhibitions.
                               Special exhibition miniature sheets issued during this period.

World War I Commemorative Series.
To mark the centenary of World War I, NZ Post issued a series over five years with each issue showing event from that year 100 years ago. In this way, a record of New Zealand involvement can be found.  Each year someone who was involved in World War I was featured with the story being told from their point of view.     

                   A summary of this series of issues with links to each post.

                   2014  For King and Empire - 1914.
                             The first year of WW I through the eyes of Melville Mirfin.

                  2015  The Spirit of ANZAC - 1915.
                             The second year of war featuring Nursing Matron Evelyn Brooke.

                  2016  Courage and Commitment - 1916.
                            The third year of the war featuring Solomon Isaacs, from the Cook Islands.

                  2017  The Darkest Hour - 1917.
                            Ellen Knight, a mother who lost three of her sons during the First World War.

                  2018  Back from the Brink - 1917.
                            The end of the war featuring Arthur Gordon.

                  2018  Armistice 1918 - 2018.
                            The fighting is over. (Not considered part of the series above.)

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