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         My blog is evolving and changing almost daily as we work with it. This page is to help regular visitors find new additions and improvements quickly. As we work on the various pages and posts we will add notes and links here.
         If you want to find out more about this blog then I suggest you go back to the first post I added, "What is this Blog About?" This will give you an insight into what I am trying to achieve here.

July 2019.
3rd July                1994 Maori Myths & Legends.       (New Items)
         I have added a First Day Cover and three photos of the Presentation Pack for this issue. (Allan)

1st July 2019        2000 On the Road - Classic Cars.        (New Post)
         I've held off doing this post for a long time in the hope more images of the collectible items would turn up. Finally, I had to close this gap in our collection.  (Allan)  

June 2019.
25th June.             2003 Scenic Waterways.        (New Post)
         Another issue from the scenic stamp series, this time five stamps are featuring waterways from various parts of New Zealand.    (Mary)

24th June.             2019  Sir Edmund Hillary 1919 - 2008.      (New Issue)
          Five stamps showing important events from the life of this famous man.   (Anne)              

23rd June.            New Zealand Wine Post 2010 - 2019       (New Issue)
         The three stamps of the 2019 Wine Post Birds issue have been added to our Wine Post collection. We have also start preparing for adding the 4th Wine Post page taking us through the next 10 years 2020 - 2029.      (Mary)

20th June.             2019  Colin McCahon 1919 - 1987.           (New Issue)
         Five stamps showing another five paintings from this icon New Zealand artist.  (Mary) 

17th June.             1949 3d HMS Vanguard.        (New Item)
           I have added a mint copy of the personalized stamp issued for Mowbray Collectables Ltd to promote their stamp trading business.       (Allan)

14th June.             1900 Boer WarThamatic Collection.           (New Item)
           I added another of these stamps to this collection, these time with the cancel of Papakura, a suburb of Auckland.     (Allan)

13th June.             Resene Stamps - Part Three (2010 - 2018)    (New Issue)
          A booklet of 10 stamps issued in 2018 has been added to our Resene Stamps collection.  (Allan)

8th June.               Kupe and the First Maori Settlers.         (New Items)
          I have added seven stamps from the 2019 Kupe - The Great Navigator to help illustrate this story. I have not found any reliable captions on this new issue yet so I have just placed them where I think they fit best in my story. Once I learn more I might need to change them again.  (Allan)

6th June.               New Zealand Wine Post 2010 - 2019       (New Items)
          Colour proofs for a 2019 Birds Issue. Not much information is known about this yet.   (Mary)

4th June 2019.    Aviation in the Ross Dependency.     (New Post)
         A thematic collection featuring all the stamps showing aviation in Antarctica.   (Asami)

May 2019.
31st May 2019.    1906 Christchurch Exhibition.         (New Items)
         A reader has given us links to three used examples of the 1d - Claret of which there are only 7 known copies. One item is a cover with three of these rare stamps. Truly an amazing find, even if it is only an image of the real item.     (Allan)

16th May 2019.    New Zealand Wine Post 2010 - 2019.           (New Issue)      
         2018 Dunedin Wine and Food Festival. I've finally collected all the items for this issue and so have added it to my Wine Post collection.    (Mary)

6th May 2019.      2002 Children's Book Festival Stamps.        (New Post)
         An issue of 10 stamps showing children's paintings. The results of a competition.   (Mary)

April 2019.    
30th Apr 2019       2019 Lighthouse Perspectives.     (New Issue)
         Six stamps showing the view from famous lighthouses rather than showing the lighthouses themselves. I pattern of black lines over the stamps gives the illusion of being inside the Lightroom.      (Mary)

25th Apr 2019       2004 Garden Flowers II.      (New Post)
         Five flowers found in New Zealand gardens.    (Kimberley)

23rd Apr 2019      Parliament Buildings.     (Make-over)
         When Allan completed his post on 150 Years of Parliament I was able to add links to his post in my thematic collection Parliament Buildings. This page has received more links to other stamp issues and more text on the buildings shown.    (Asami)

23rd Apr 2019      2004  150 Years of Parliament.        (New Post)
         Six stamps showing five of the building that New Zealand's Parliament has met in.   (Allan)

22nd Apr 2019     2004 Extreme Sports.       (New Post)
         New Zealand is known for extreme sports with five of the most popular being featured with this issue.   (Allan)

21st Apr 2019       2004 World of Wearable Arts.    (New Post)
         Five stamps showing five of the amazing costumes from the Wearable Arts contest.  (Kim)

20th Apr 2019      2004 Historic Farm Equipment.     (New Post)
         Another of the vintage vehicles and equipment issues that often appear in NZ Post stamps. This time it features vehicles found on farms.    (Anne)

15th Apr 2019      2004 Unusual Issues.     (New Post)
         During 2004, NZ Post had four stamp issues that could be considered different from their usual issues. We have decided to group these together on one page.    (Mary)

11th Apr 2019      2019 New Zealand Space Pioneers.     (New Issue)
         Two issues in one. First is five stamps showing New Zealanders who have made a contribution to space science. The second is a miniature sheet that shows four stamps marking four major developments in man's achievements in space exploration.   (Allan) 

2nd Apr 2019       2003  Veteran Vehicles.     (New Post)
         Five very early cars that changed the history of motor vehicles in New Zealand.  (Allan)

March 2019.
15th Mar 2019    2019 ANZAC Dawn Service.     (New Issue)
         Six stamps for the annual NZ Post ANZAC issue. This time the dawn services held around New Zealand on the 25th of April each year.   (Allan)

9th Mar 2019      2002  Scenic Coastlines.       (New Post)
         Another of the Scenic Series, this time showing some of the amazing scenery from around the long coastline of New Zealand.        (Anne)    

8th Mar 2019      2019 Native Alpine Flora.     (New Issue)
         An issue featuring six colourful flowers only found high up on the mountains of New Zealand. These are plants that have adapted to these harsh conditions.    (Mary)

January 2019.
8th Jan 2019      2002 Architectural Heritage.     (New Post)
         This issue celebrated six significant New Zealand buildings.    (Kim)

7th Jan 2019      New Zealand WinePost 2000 - 2009.      (New Items)
        Two more items from the 2004 Taieri Gorge Railway issue. The two stamps as a joined pair and a full sheet containing both stamps.       (Allan)

December 2018.
39th Dec 2018    2002  Art meets Craft.       (New Post)
        A seven stamp set exploring the art that can be found in the crafts of working with materials such as wood, clay and glass. This was also a joint issue with Sweden so look out for the stamps, FDC and booklet issued by Sweden.     (Kim)

28th Dec 2018    2018 Armistice 1918 - 2018.       (New Issue)
         2018 Armistice Stamp Show. We have added this miniature sheet and First Day Cover to this post but in our main index, it will be listed as a separate issue since it was issued on a different Issue Day.     (Allan)

28th Dec 2018    2000 Scenic Reflections.     (New Post)
         Six beautiful reflections of skies, mountains and other landscape as seen on the calm surface of various bodies of water.     (Anne)

20th Dec 2018    2018 New Zealand Stamp Collection.   (New Issue)
         All the stamps issued during 2018 as well as further information can be found in this special album. It has been added to our collection on these albums.    (Anne)

19th Dec 2018    2019 Year of the Pig.        Chinese New Year Collection.    (New Issue)
          Yes, another year has gone by and NZ Post is issuing their annual Chinese New Year stamp set. This time the Year of the Pig is featured and celebrated.     (Anne)

13th Dec 2018    2018 Bangkok Exhibition.     (New Post)
          Another pair of exhibition miniature sheets especially issued for this stamp exhibition.    (Mary)

12th Dec 2018    2000 & 2002 Queen Mother.       (New Post)
         Two issues combined in one post as they are so closely related. In 2000 the Queen Mother turned 100 and in 2002 she passed away. Two very interesting stamp issues celebrating an amazing life.    (Mary)

12th Dec 2018    1955 Stamp Centenary.     (New Items)
         I still wasn't happy with what I did with this issue so I went back for another go. I did some rewriting and changing things a bit and then I added a small collection of covers too.  (Mary)

11th Dec 2018    King George VI      (Post Make-Over)
         Following our new policy of upgrading any of the older posts when we open them, I was researching for the 2000 Queen Mother issue and opened the King George Definitives. Some extra text and Technical Information has been added here,    (Mary)

6th Dec 2018      1955 Stamp Centenary.     (New Item & Make-Over.)
         Added a black shift error on the 4d aircraft. New Technical Information, extra links and general make-over of appearance and text.    (Mary)

2nd Dec 2018     1874 - 1882 Side-Faced Issues.     (New Item & Make-Over)
        We added an example of the 1882 2nd Side-Faced 2½d - Blue with O.P.S.P stamped across it showing this stamp was used for "On Public Service Only." While I was working on the post I added the more recent format of Technical Information for both issues and did a general clean-up of text and appearance throughout the whole post.    (Mary)

November 2018.
29th Nov 2018    2001 - Aircraft.      (New Post)
         Six aircraft that have made a difference in the development of New Zealand.   (Allan)

27th Nov 2018    2002 Vatican City & New Zealand Joint Issue.      (New Post)
         The same stamp design issued by both countries.     (Kim)

21st Nov 2018     1998 Opening of the Museum Te Papa Tongarewa.      (New Post)
         The Opening the National Museum of New Zealand.     (Allan)

19th Nov 2018       New Items in our WinePost Collection.     (Six New Items)
                New Zealand WinePost 1990 - 1999.
                        1990 WineBird - A miniature sheet added.
                        1991 Dodge Delivery - A numbered miniature sheet with perforation flaw.
                        1992 Air Show - Artwork of original stamp.
                New Zealand WinePost 2000 - 2009.
                        2004 NZ Birds Definitives -$50.00 - Albino Kaka. Replaced this rare stamp with a real stamp image rather than an image cut out of an online image. 
                        2004 NZ Birds Higher Values - Strip of four imperf proofs. Notice the date is missing of each of these stamps.
                       2005 NZ Winepost 15th Anniversary - Proofs of both these stamps overprints with vertical & horizontal lines so they won't be used as issued stamps.
                                                   (Mary & Allan)
17th Nov 2018       2001 Scenic - 100 Years of Tourism.     (New Post)
                Six stamps and three booklets capturing tourist scenes and activities as 100 years of New Zealand Tourism is celebrated with this issue.    (Mary)

13th Nov 2018      1999 Apec New Zealand.      (New Post)
               This turned into a surprising stamp when we discovered the story and meanings of the colours in this design. It just goes to show that stamp can be taken as a common, boring design.  (Allan)

10th Nov 2018      1999 Super Twelve Rugby.       (New Items)
                The five images of the full booklets of this issue have been replaced with better images.  (Allan)

9th Nov 2018        Captain Cook Stamps of New Zealand.   (New Item)
                A special cover celebration of 225 years since Captain Cook penetrated the Antarctic Circle.   (Anne)

9th Nov 2018        1998 Performing Arts.      (New Post) 
                Six stamps looking at various forms of performing art common in New Zealand.   (Mary)

7th Nov 2018        1997 Cartoonists        (New Post)
                Four cartoonists who have added much to how New Zealanders see their country and themselves.    (Mary)

5th Nov 2018        2018 Royal Visit.       (New Issue)
                The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have visited New Zealand for the first time together, as part of their Pacific tour.     (Mary)

2nd Nov 2018      Antarctica Post - Page Two.       (New Items)
                Colour trials for the 2018 Antarctica Post issue showing Captain Oates, one of Scott's team who died on their way back from reaching the South Pole.    (Mary)

October 2018.
31st Oct 2018       1999 New Zealand Art - Doris Lusk.     (New Post)
                Another stamp issue in the series on famous New Zealand artists.     (Mary)

30th Oct 2018      While working on linking Kim's two new posts into our main index I've added a new thematic label to the right-hand sidebar. This is architecture and there are now 9 posts linked to it.   (Asami)

29th Oct 2018      2006 Hawke' Bay Earthquake.      (New Items & Make-over.)
                 I went into this older post to provide a link to Kim's Art Deco Buildings page and it ended up in my giving this post a make-over and adding new items such as First Day Covers.  (Allan)

29th Oct 2018      1999 Art Deco Buildings.      (New Post)
                 A selection of four buildings showing the variety and different locations of this popular building style from the 1930s.   (Kim)

25th Oct 2018      1999  Victoria University Centenary.        (New Post)
                 A one stamp issue on this famous university in the centre of Wellington.  (Kim)

24th Oct 2018      1998 Memorial Statues - Joint Issue with Turkey.       (New Post)
                 Two statures viewed on four stamps, two from New Zealand and two from Turkey, remember the those who died on the Gallipoli Peninsula during World War I.    (Mary) 

23rd Oct 2018      1997 Fly Fishing.         (New Post)
                 New Zealand is famous for its trout fishing with many tourists coming just for the fishing. Trout, first introduced in late 1800, can be found in most lakes and rivers now. Four trout species are shown in this issue.    (Allan)

22nd Oct 2018      1997 Creepy Crawlies.          (New Post)
                 10 small creatures that are important to New Zealand's wildlife.    (Allan)

18th Oct 2018       1996 Extinct New Zealand Native Birds.       (New Post)
                 Seven native birds that once thrived but now can no longer be found.  (Kim)

15th Oct 2018       1998 Underwater World.       (New Post)
                 A set of 4 x 40c stamps and 4 x 80c stamps showing some of the creatures from New Zealand's diverse underwater world.     (Anne)

15th Oct 2018       1998 The Statue of Wairaka.      (New Items)
                Two new items have been added to this page. One is a Maxie Card showing the stamp and a view of the statue. The second is a Pictorial Date Card with the cancel from the stamp exhibition Whakapex '99 which shows the statue.   (Allan)

13th Oct 2018       2018 Ross Dependency - Aircraft.        (New Issue)
                Aviation in Antarctica, a history of New Zealand's use of aircraft in the Ross Dependency.    (Mary)

12th Oct 2018      1996  Emergency Rescue Services.        (New Post)
                A tribute to the people who are there first when things go wrong.  (Allan)

11th Oct 2018      New Zealand Wine Post 2010 - Today.      (New Issue)
                An issue of two values celebrating the service that the St Clair Surf Life Saving club has given to the people of Dunedin.      (Mary)

7th Oct 2018        1999 Native Tree Flowers.      (New Post)
                Often considered dull and lacking colour, the forests of New Zealand contain some beautiful and colourful flowers. This issue features six of them in large format stamps.  (Anne)

4th Oct 2018        1900 Boer War.            (New Items)
                I have added a full sheet of 120 stamps plus a used and mint copy with text. Other parts of this post got some formatting improvements at the same time.   (Allan)

4th Oct 2018        1996 Race Horses.          (New Post)
                Six stamps showing six famous horses from the period around 1996.     (Allan)

1st Oct 2018         2018 - Macao 2018 Exhibition.    (New Issue)
                Two miniature sheets, one with 2018 Predator Free 2050 stamps and the other with 2018 Round Kiwi stamps, were issued for the exhibition in China.    (Anne)

September 2018.
30th Sept 2018      2018 Armistice 1918 - 2018.    (New Issue)
                 Five stamps celebrating the end of World War I. This stamp issue accompanied an issue of coins.     (Anne)

30th Sept 2018      1900 Boer War Thematic Collection.     (New Items)
                 Four new covers have been added to this collection. Currently, this collection has 67 items from 51 different locations.   (Allan)

29th Sept 2018      Great Barrier Pigeon Post.      (New Item)
                 We have added another stamp showing the square cancel of the Great Barrier Pigeongram Agency. 1/- red triangular stamp, higher value.   (Allan) 

20th Sept 2018      1996 New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.      (New Post)
                Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of our national orchestra.    (Kim)

16th Sept 2018      1949 3d HMS Vanguard.     (New Post)
                 We have finally done that page we have been talking about for a couple of years now. We have taken the seven "Vanguards" and placed them on their own page.  (Asami)

14th Sept 2018      1949 - 1952  Cancelled Royal Visits.       (New Item)
                I was given an image of the 7th 3d Vanguard and I've added it to this page. This stamp is in very poor condition. The worst of all of them. So now we have all 7 known copies. Keep an eye out for our seven Vanguards being split off onto a page of their own.  (Allan)

10th Sept 2018      1996 Coastal Wildlife.      (New Post)
                An issue of six stamps showing some of the rich variety of wildlife found on the coasts around New Zealand. The stamps also appeared as a block combining all six stamps into one large illustration that later became a miniature sheet for sale at international stamp exhibitions.  (Kim.)

3rd Sept 2018        New Zealand WinePost 2000 - 2009    (New Items)
                NZ WinePost 2007 Definitives - Butterflies. I have added better images of each of these three stamps and a corner block showing the three stamps as a joined strip.   (Mary)

August 2018.
21st Aug 2018        Suffrage - A Thematic Collection.     (New Post)
                A collection of all the stamps and issues relating to Suffrage in New Zealand.  Asami & Allan.

20th Aug 2018       2018 Suffrage 125 Years Whakatu Wahine.      (New Issue)
               Celebrating 125 years since women had the right to vote in New Zealand. Asami & Allan.

17th Aug 2018        New Zealand Wine Post 2010 - Today.      (New Items)  
               Some trial proofs of a future issue on Surf Lifesaving.    (Mary)             

13th Aug 2018       2018 Thinking Outside the Square.      (New Issue)
               A fun issue of 12 stamps in their own miniature sheet that makes an interesting observation about New Zealanders.      (Allan)

10th Aug 2018        Antarctica Post Page One - (2002 - 2009).      (New Items)
               I have added a First Day Cover and a printing error from the 2006 Antarctica Post issue.   (Mary)

4th Aug 2018          1996 Seashore Rock Pool Booklet.       (New Post)
               Two issues of this same booklet - gummed stamps in February and self-adhesive in August that we have combined into one post.     (Kim)

2nd Aug 2018         1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.        (New Post)
               Two stamp issues were made in 1996 with Olympic themes. First came the five stamp issue celebrating going to the Games and then came a two stamp issue featuring the two gold medallists.       (Mary)

2nd Aug 2018        1900 Boer War Thematic Collection.       (New Items)
               We have added some more stamps and covers with different place names, new to this collection.      (Allan)

1st Aug 2018          1949 - 1952  Cancelled Royal Visits.     (New Item)
                We have added a 6th copy of the rare 1949 3d Vanguard, a stamp that was supposed to have been destroyed. It seems that somehow at least 7 copies survived. Now six of them are shown on this page.   (Allan)

July 2018
30th July 2018       1999 Super Twelve Rugby.       (New Post)
               This page is partly copied from our New Zealand Rugby Stamps collection and then expanded with extra items and text.    (Anne)

29th July 2018.      1998 New Zealand Art - Peter McIntyre.     (New Post)
               In this, the second issue on New Zealand Art, Peter McIntyre is featured through four paints through his long painting career.     (Anne)

28th July 2018.     1974 New Zealand Day.       (Make-over.)
              This post received a makeover that included new links, changes to text and our new mobile-friendly Technical Information.   (Allan)

24th July 2018      1920 Victory & 1946 Peace.      (Make-over & New Items)
               I went into this older post to fix a link that had gone wrong and it turned into a make-over. I added Technical Information using our new mobile-friendly format. I replaced the 1946 FDC with two better ones. I enlarged all the images so these older stamps can be enjoyed and replaced the 1/2d with the better-looking ½d. Finally, I found a number of spelling and grammar mistakes that needed correcting.   (Asami)

24th July 2018      1996 MMP Elections.     (New Post)
               A single stamp issue to commemorate and promote the first MMP election.  (Allan)

23rd July 2018      2018 Back From the Brink - 1918.        2018 World War I Commemorative Book Series.      (New Items)
              All ten single stamps on both these pages have been replaced with better images.   (Allan)

20th July 2018      2006 Scenic - Renewable Energy.        (New Post)
              Looking at five ways New Zealand can produce renewable energy.   (Mary)

19th July 2018      2006  Gold Rush.       (New Post)
               New Zealand experiencing unprecedented population growth during the gold rush years – increasing by 75% between 1861 and 1864. This issue of five stamps looks at a few aspects of the Gold Rush period.     (Allan)

18th July 2018       2005 World Wildlife Fund - The Kakapo.       (New Post)
               The Kakapo is one of New Zealand's most endangered birds but with the help of the World Wildlife Fund, they are slowly growing in numbers. This stamp celebrates and supports the work the WWF is doing.   (Kim)

16th July 2018       1935  Pictorials.      (New Item)
                I have added a printing error on the 9d Maori Design where the word "Official" has offset on to the stamps back.   (Mary)

15th July 2018       1900 Boer War Thematic Collection.      (New Items)
                I have added four stamps and two covers to this collection of postmarks on this one stamp. There are now 56 items on this page cancelled in 41 different locations.   (Allan)

15th July 2018       New Zealand WinePost 2000 - 2009      New Zealand Wine Post 2010 - Today.     (New Items)
                I have added 2 new errors to our WinePost collection. The first is an overprint shift on the 2006 Emergency Postage Provisional and the second is perforation error on the 2018 Overland Delivery.     (Mary)

13th July 2018       2018 Predator Free 2050.           (New Issue)
                The ambitious goal of making New Zealand predator-free by 2050. An effort to save many endangered native species by providing a predator-free environment.  (Anne)

12th July 2018      1997 New Zealand Art - Colin McCohan.      (New Post)
                Another famous artist from New Zealand who received international respect and admiration for his paintings. Four paintings, from a career spanning five decades, are shown here.    (Anne) 

11th July 2018       2006 Summer Festivals.        (New Post)
                During the summer months, the variety of Summer Festivals means there is something for everyone.   (Kim)

10th July 2018       2005 Commemoratives.     (New Post)
                Six stamps plus four miniature sheets, celebrating anniversaries of three organisations, YMCA, Rotary and the Lions.     (Anne)

9th July 2018         2006 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday.    (New Post)
                A joint issue with Jersey consisting of a miniature sheet and small 4 stamp sheets.   (Kim)

8th July 2018          2006 Kapa Haka - Maori Performing Arts.      (New Post)
                An issue that was withdrawn just before issue date due to complaints from various Maori groups. It has been included because some stamps and other items were accidentally sent out before the issue was cancelled.    (Allan)

7th July 2018          2017 Matariki.         (Post Makeover.)
                I had another go at getting this post the way I want it. Many minor changes of text this time.    (Allan)

6th July 2018          New Zealand Wine Post 2010 - Today.      (New Items)
                I've added the First Day Covers for the first two WinePost issues of 2018. This also gives me the first day of issue for both of these issues.   (Mary)

5th July 2018          1995 Environment Stamp Booklet.        (New Post)
                A booklet of 10 stamps looking at our native environment in New Zealand, how we can protect and improve it.   (Allan)

3rd July 2018          2018  Scenic Definitives.     (New Issue)
                The latest issue of Scenic Definitives is a set of two gummed stamps and a set of two adhesive stamps. The lower value of both sets carried the same design.  (Anne) 

3rd July 2018          2018  Personalised Stamps.    (New Issue)
                 This is a re-issue of the 2016 Personalised Stamps with new values due to the increase in postal rates over the past two years.    (Anne)

June 2018
28th June 2018         1995 Centenary of Rugby League.      (New Post)
                 Looking at the history of the cousin sport to Rugby Union, Rugby League.  (Mary)

25th June 2018         1995 Anniversaries and Events.         (New Post)
               Stamps from four 1995 special events marked by NZ Post combined into one post.  (Mary)

25th June 2018         1995 Famous New Zealanders.            (New Item.)
                 A scenic postcard sent from New Zealand to Denmark with the $1.00 Barry Crump stamp from this issue.  (Mary)

25th June 2018          Rugby on New Zealand Stamps.     (New Items)
                  I added two covers sent from Romania to England commemorating the final two games of the 1995 Rugby World Cup in which New Zealand played. I found these items when researching for another post and decided they were worth including.    (Mary)

24th June 2018          2017 Matariki.         (Post Makeover.)
                  My friend Moa and I have completed our makeover of my Matariki post. We've changed around and reformated the story parts of this post and added more information in a few places.   (Moa & Allan)

24th June 2018         1997 - Roses - Joint Issue with China.          (New Post).
                  New Zealand and the People's Republic of China celebrated the beauty and splendour of the rose in this joint stamp issue.       (Kim)

23rd June 2018         1997 - New Zealand Wine Regions / Vineyards.      (New Post)
                 Six stamps showing the more famous wine regions of New Zealand.     (Anne)

21st June 2018          1997 Royal Golden Wedding Anniversary.     (New Post)
                  In 1997, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary, 50 years of marriage.     (Kim)

18th June 2018         1997 Wackiest Letterboxes.        (New Post)
                 Ten stamps showing some of the more unusual (wacky) letterboxes found around New Zealand.     (Kim) 

16th June 2018         The Round Kiwi       (New Items)
                 I have added the 2018 Round Kiwi stamps and FDC to this collection. At the same time, I took the chance to do a few wording improvements and add a few FDCs of earlier issues.  (Anne)

15th June 2018         2018 Round Kiwi Issue.      (New Issue.)
                To mark 30 years since the first Round Kiwi was issued in 1988, NZ Post has issued this set of five values featuring five different species of kiwi found in New Zealand.      (Anne)

9th June 2018           New Zealand Wine Post 2010 - Today.          (New Issue.)
                The delivery truck proof seen in late 2017 has become an official stamp issue for the NZ WinePost. This issue is an update of the 1991 Dodge Delivery theme.   (Mary)

8th June 2018           1995 Golf Courses.     (New Post)
                 Four stamps showing four of the many scenic golf courses found in New Zealand.  (Anne) 

4th June 2018           1990 - 1994 Stamp Exhibitions.     (New Links)
                 I've added new links to my exhibitions page going back to posts of the original stamp issues. At the same time, many minor improvements and corrections were done.   (Asami)

May 2018
24th May 2018          2018 The Royal Wedding.      (New Items)
                 The Royal Wedding stamps of Niue and Tokelau have been added to this page.

24th May 2018          2018 World War I Commemorative Book Series.      (Improvements)
                 I have added navigation links between the various posts in this series.   (Asami)

22nd May 2018          1990 - 1994 Stamp Exhibitions.      (New Post)
                 Miniature sheets and other items for sale at stamp exhibitions.   (Asami)

21st May 2018          Great Barrier Pigeon Post.       (New Item.)
                 I have added an FDC for the 1997 Pigeon Post Centenary Issue.   (Allan)

20th May 2018         2018 The Royal Wedding.      (New Issue)
                 A special miniature sheet containing six stamps of scenes from the wedding of His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales and Ms Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle on 19th May 2018.   (Anne)

19th May 2018         2018 World War I Commemorative Book Series.   (New Post)
                 This was intended as a summary page for the World War I series but Allan got busy with other things so it got left as a bit of a mess. I've taken it over and completed this page. I will also link the five issued together and add links to this page in each issue and in the index pages.   (Asami)

18th May 2018         2018 Back From the Brink - 1918.    (New Issue)
                 This is the final issue in the series marking the centenary of World War I.  (Allan)

13th May 2018         2018 Maui and the Fish.     (New Issue.)
                 The story of how Maui caught the huge fish that became the North Island of New Zealand. The story is told in both English and te reo Maori.   (Allan)

April 2018
27th Apr 2018          2017 America's Cup.      (Upgraded)
                  We have added better images, rebuilt the Technical Information section and changed some of the text.    (Allan)

21st Apr 2018           Famous Maori on Stamps.       (Upgrade)   
                  New entries and more links and additions to existing entries in this index.     (Allan)

21st Apr 2018           1995 Famous New Zealanders.      (New Post)
                  Six famous New Zealanders selected by the people of New Zealand to appear on these stamps. They came from six different categories.      (Allan)

15th Apr 2018          New Zealand WinePost  1990 - 1999.        (New Items.)
                 New Items added to the 1994 & 1995 Export Issues.    (Mary)

14th Apr 2018          2018 Reconnecting New Zealand.     (New Issue)
                 On 14 November 2016, a magnitude-7.8 earthquake struck 15km north-east of Culverden, North Canterbury. The event's impact on road and rail infrastructure was instant and devastating.     (Allan)